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The Photogenic Lental Region - N4A Chat Thread - April 2021

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1 hour ago, Tyranogre said:

I thought Sherlock Holmes was public domain?

not in instances where he shows emotions and respects women and i'm literally not making that shit up y;





The estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has sued Netflix over its upcoming film Enola Holmes, arguing that the movie’s depiction of public domain character Sherlock Holmes having emotions and respecting women violates Doyle’s copyright.


basically, Doyle Estate cannot fully copyright Sherlock Holmes because he's old, so tries to imagine many different instances of Holmes, of which the latter is just young enough to be covered by copyright This ultimately puts Sherlock Holmes into a dicey legal situation, and it's just better to avoid the issue entirely.

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12 minutes ago, Edie Napier said:

Too many games I want to play.  Need to get back on Death Stranding, started Control, want to play the Nier remake.

Control is some wild shit so far.

Same....... Monster Hunter and Saga Frontier alone are crazy


then there's Nier and RE8

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2 hours ago, devilsKnife said:

I still haven't even played RE7 🥺


and I beat dragon quest 2 and wanna go onto DQ3


and the trials of mana remake 😳

Dragon Quest 2 is one of my favorite DQ games, even over 3. 2 is a weird beast that always keeps you on your toes. 3 is great, but kind of boring by comparison. You should read on some of the speedrunning tactics that have come up lately, that's something interesting.


I finished Tales of the Abyss with my roommate and girlfriend this past week. They really enjoyed the game, and I'm happy I got to share it with them. We still have Graces, Berseria, and Vesperia to play together. I may try convincing them to play Eternia with me at some point.

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Control and Death Stranding are like on opposite ends of the "I don't know what the fuck is happening" spectrum.  Death Stranding I legitimately have no clue what the fuck is happening because the writing and storytelling is bollocks, and Control I have no clue what the fuck is happening because it's intentionally obfuscating and feels heavily inspired by paranormal bollocks like the SCP foundation.  Enjoying both of them very much though.


8 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

I'm in the middle of Dark Souls II, my hope to finish it before Pokemon Snap is diminishing.

and nothing of value was lost theydonothing;

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