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The Photogenic Lental Region - N4A Chat Thread - April 2021

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@Spring if you're still looking to add people or if anyone else here is looking to add people in Pokémon GO, be sure to check out the whitelist in OP of our PKMN GO thread... ;) 


*If anyone wants to be added to the whitelist, post your info in the thread.*



Happy KONG Day! smirk1; angrykong;



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Huh - Friday already?


Could just be me, but feels like this week went by fast....



Also recently jumped back into Modded Minecraft Java for 1.12.2


I forgot how aggressive and hostile 90% of mobs in the mods I downloaded were


Though i had uninstall Electrobob’s Wizardy and a few related addons alongside it that required it because something kept crashing my game... so that’s unfortunate  - I’ll look into that later and try to figure out the issue at some point later on


And found a couple new mods i added - unfortunately also had to remove one because it was just causing too much lag and stuttering


Though I’ve been spending more of last night and some of today doing some troubleshooting... think I figured out the issue, but not really sure


I’d jump into newer versions but I’m having difficulty finding mods i like and a lot of these mods don’t have versions between 1.14-1.16


So might be awhile before i find more mods to play those

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