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My NES Coffee Table I am building (almost finished)

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Just wanted to share what I am building in my garage for my Game Room.  Figured some of y’all could appreciate this.  I needed a coffee table and since I enjoy wood working I decided to build my own.  Not much of an artist so the artsy stuff was kind of difficult.  Still not completely done with this and I still have to put the lettering on it, but it is almost done.  I will post updated photos in here once it is completely done and then in about a week or two, I am going to Polyurethane it real good.  I think for my first coffee table this is pretty good.  




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9 hours ago, purple_beard said:

ID6, I love your design principle with the NES controller but I think that Triforce just kills it overall.  I'd lose it and stick with perfecting the NES controller faceplate theme.


I was thinking the same thing.  It sounded like a really cool idea at first, but now I am kind of regretting it.  I think I will just scrape it up and paint it black again.  It will take a little bit more time but it will be worth it.  Thanks for the advice.  

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18 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

As much as I appreciate a good Triforce, it looks a little out of place. But other than that it looks great. Going for a matte or glossy finish?


Looking at going with a Semi-Gloss Polycrylic (water based polyurethane).  Going to throw on 5-8 coats of that stuff to protect it and it will have a nice sheen to it.  I am going to go back over it and get rid of the Triforce.  It seemed like a cool idea at first but I been a bit apprehensive about sticking with it even before you and PB mentioned anything about it.  I can easily scrape it off and go back over with some black paint.  Thanks for the input.  

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Just a little update on the table.  I went ahead and got rid of the triforce.  Had to peel it up with a scrapper and redid the area with black acrylic.  I might have to do one or two more coats on that area (I have put down about 5 or 6 by now).  It is looking great.  I am hoping to be done with the coffee table by the end of next week.  I got to give it about a week before I can polyurethane it with a good 5-8 coats (I am planning on using semi-gloss poly acrylic which is water based polyurethane).  Thanks for the advice guys.

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