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Mario Kart Racing Association- 2022 Season

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Nov 6- Velo's Galaxy Grand Prix- Oxide Stadium 


Crash Bandicoot


Coco Bandicoot


King Dedede 



Captain Falcon


Jody Summer 




Diddy Kong





Also... *blows up Zebes* We're heading to Planet ZDR. We're going to ride the Dread tide as much as we can! 


And, we're making sure the E.M.M.I.s will not be turned on during this event. Even if Samus isn't a driver this year.  

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Nov 13- E.M.M.I. Battle Arena- Planet ZDR  
Group 1:  
Donkey Kong 
Fox- Q 
Miles Edgeworth- A
Lucina- Q 
Group 2:  
Triforcemaster- Q
Chrom- A
Diddy Kong 
Fuzzer- Q
Group 3:  
King Dedede 
Bowser- A
Zero- Q 
Krystal- Q
Group 4: 
Koopa Troopa  
Cloud- Q 
Luigi- Q
Sonic- A 
Phoenix Wright 
Group 5: 
Coco Bandicoot 
Captain Falcon- Q
Megaman- Q 
Link- A
Group 6: 

Daisy- Q
Amy Rose
Jody Summer- A
Crash Bandicoot
Setzer- Q 
Advancing Round: 
Miles Edgeworth
Chrom- Q
Bowser- Q
Sonic- Q 
Link- Q
Jody Summer 
Semifinal Round:  


Group 1:  
Fox- 1st
Lucina- 3rd- 8 pts.
Triforcemaster- 4th- 5 pts.
Chrom- 2nd- 10 pts.
Group 2: 


Fuzzer- 2nd- 10 pts. 
Bowser- 3rd- 8 pts.
Zero- 1st
Krystal- 4th- 5 pts.
Group 3: 
Cloud- 2nd 10 pts.
Luigi- 1st
Sonic- 4th- 5 pts.
Captain Falcon- 3rd- 8 pts.
Group 4: 

Megaman- 1st 
Link- 2nd- 10 pts. 
Daisy- 4th- 5 pts.
Setzer- 3rd- 8 pts.
Final Round:  


Group 1:  
Fox- 3rd- 18 pts.
Zero- 1st- 25 pts.
Luigi- 2nd- 20 pts.
Megaman- 4th- 15 pts.  


Next Saturday and Sunday are the final races. Just in time for Thanksgiving! I might do an early standings thing because of that! 

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MKRA Driver Standings after round 32 (of 34)  


1.  Fuzzer- 347 (3 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze)     

2.  Daisy- 335 (2 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze)     

3.  Triforcemaster- 199 (3 silver) 

4.  Crash Bandicoot- 196 (3 gold, 1 bronze)      

5.  Donkey Kong- 188 (1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)  

6. Kirby- 170 (3 gold, 1 silver)  

7. Yoshi- 170 (2 gold)      

8.  Diddy Kong- 161 (2 gold, 1 silver) 

9.   Sonic- 156 (2 gold, 2 bronze)      

10.  Peach- 155 (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)      

11.  Phoenix Wright- 131 (2 gold, 2 bronze)      

12. Fox- 127 (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)        

13. Krystal- 122      

14.  Mario- 121 (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)    

15. Cloud- 115 

16.  Luigi- 107 (1 gold, 2 silver)         

17. Zelda- 106 (2 gold)  

18. Conker- 103 (3 silver, 1 bronze)    

19. Banjo- 103 (1 silver, 1 bronze)      

20.  Amy Rose- 102 (2 silver, 1 bronze)  

21. Timber- 99 (1 gold, 1 bronze) 

22.  Rosalina- 98 (1 bronze)   

23. Koopa Troopa- 94 (1 gold, 1 bronze)      

24.   Bowser- 93 (1 bronze)       

25. Coco Bandicoot- 90 (1 bronze)   

26. Miles Edgeworth- 88 (1 silver, 2 bronze)     

27.  Link- 85 (1 bronze)  

28. Captain Falcon- 83 (1 silver, 1 bronze)  

29. King Dedede- 78 (1 silver, 1 bronze)    

30. Ken- 75    

31. Toad- 72 (1 bronze)     

32. Jody Summer- 70 (1 gold)  

33.   Birdo- 67  

34.  Kazooie- 66    

35.  Saria- 61 (1 bronze)    

36. Toadette- 59 (1 silver, 1 bronze)      

37. Chrom- 58 (1 bronze)  

38.  Setzer- 49 (1 silver)     

39. Lucina- 48  

40. Zero- 45 (1 gold)  

41. Megaman- 35

42. Chun-Li- 16  


I’m not even gonna comment here. First and second are already set. Whoever will be third will be lucky. 




And since we only have 2 more races to go, here’s the team cumulatives so far: 


Delta Sarasaland - Fuzzer and Daisy- 682 

Dole Banana - Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong- 347 

Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Triforcemaster and Zelda- 305  

BHP Bandicoot - Crash and Coco Bandicoot- 286

Petco Hedgehog - Sonic and Amy Rose- 258    

Tesco Princess - Peach and Rosalina- 253 

CVS Fox - Fox and Krystal- 249 

Krogefour Popstar - Kirby and King Dedede- 248  

Budweiser Islander - Yoshi and Birdo- 237 

Amazon Plumber - Mario and Luigi- 228   

Uber Lawyer - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth- 219 

Heineken Party Animals - Timber and Conker- 202

Coors Koopa - Bowser and Koopa Troopa- 187 

Ford Performance- Banjo and Kazooie- 169 

Sony Soldiers- Setzer and Cloud- 164  

Chevrolet Top Driver - Captain Falcon and Jody Summer- 153

WWF Saviors- Link and Saria- 146

Friday’s Fun Guys - Toad and Toadette- 131  

Scotiabank Sword - Chrom and Lucina- 106 

Walmart Winners- Ken and Chun-Li- 91  

BMW Bomber - Megaman and Zero- 80  


Delta is no contest 1st. It’s just a matter with Dole, Sherwin, and BHP being 2nd and 3rd. Dole and BHP might have a better chance in the last two races. And perhaps even Petco. Even Tesco. 


Let’s see… BMW Bomber might do well in the last two races to get out of relegation. 




Oh, yes, I should make a huge announcement in regards to our sixth season (I think). Because 21 teams in an eyesore, and it’s fun to count to 44, there will be 22 teams next time around. The third-to-last place will still ride on for another season, the penultimate and last drivers will be replaced as usual, and a new team will come up as the 43rd and 44th drivers respectively. There will be more competition, and crazier stuff stuff going on. I’ll announce the preliminary racers sometime up to the final race.  

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MKRA Promotion 22 teams of 44 racers: 

1.    Aiai and Meemee (Super Monkey Ball) 
2.    Waluigi and Wario (Mario)   
3.    King Boo and Petey Piranha (Mario)
4.    Pauline and Geno (Mario)
5.    Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Tropy (Crash Bandicoot)
6.    Spyro and Hunter (Spyro) 
7.    Pac-Man and Geese Howard (Namco and SNK) 
8.    Villager and Isabelle (Animal Crossing) 
9.    Callie and Marie (Inkopolis) 
10.    Fiora and Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) 
11.    Robo and Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
12.    Andy and Rachel (Advance Wars) 
13.    Metaknight and Bandana Dee (Kirby) 
14.    Professor Layton and Inspector Chelmey (Professor Layton) 
15.    Hawk and Kiwi (Pilotwings) 
16.    Tracer and Winston (Overwatch) 
17. Jessie and James (Poke’mon) 
18. Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic (Sonic)  
19. Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare (Starfox)
20. Samus Aran and Quiet Robe (Metroid)
21. Jason Frudnick and Tinker Knight (Blaster Master and Shovel Knight) 
22. Sora and Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)  
The tracks for the 2022 races will likely just stick to mostly just Mario for the next season. This year was just fun to work with most of the other series.   

I'll also announce the qualifying race tracks now since something important will happen Tuesday.   
On December 5, the racers will start in the dreamy world of Subcon. Anyone that does great in the sky will likely win here. I hear some of the race might happen in Cloudtop Cruise if the racers desire it.  
On December 12, the racers will then continue in Kalimari Desert. That dastardly sun will await all of them, and for those who like the hot temperature, they're mostly welcome here. 
On December 19, the racers will continue in Ribbon Road. No tricks or gimmicks, just pure racing! Anyone could win here, but perhaps those in tune with the ground have a better chance! 
On December 27, the racers will finally end in Rosalina’s Ice World. We end this year on a cold note, and those who prefer the cold can easily embrace and win this race. All the more to celebrate the holidays!    
MKRA 2021 Season: 
Feb 26- Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Mario Kart Stadium 
March 5- Angel Island Grand Prix- Sanctuary Falls
March 12- Australia Grand Prix- Albert Park Circuit/ Wumpa Island Grand Prix- Crash Cove
March 19- Easton Kingdom Grand Prix- Dry Dry Desert
March 26- Darkwater Beach Battle Arena- Timber Island
April 1- Smashville Grand Prix- Animal Crossing Circuit
April 9-  DK Isles Grand Prix- DK Mountain
April 16- Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Royal Raceway
April 23- Hyrule Grand Prix- Hyrule Circuit
April 30- Neverlands Grand Prix- Zandvoort Circuit/ Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Music Park
May 7- Spain Grand Prix- Circuit de Cataluna
May 14- Delfino Isle Grand Prix- Sunshine Airport
May 21- Mushroom City Mayhem 
May 28- Wario Land Grand Prix- Waluigi’s Pinball 
June 4- Choco Island Grand Prix- Choco Island 2 SNES
June 11- Canada Grand Prix- Circuit Gilles Villenueve/ Delfino Isle Grand Prix- Coconut Mall 
June 18- France Grand Prix- Circuit Paul Ricard/ Wuhu Island Grand Prix- Wuhu Island Wave Circuit
June 25- England Grand Prix- Silverstone Circuit/ Wario Land Grand Prix- Wario Stadium
July 16- Michigan Grand Prix- Belle Isle Circuit
July 23- Big Blue Grand Prix- Big Blue Circuit
July 30- Splatoon Battle Arena- Inkopolis
July 31- Kingdom Hearts Grand Prix- Twilight Town Turnpike
Sept 3-  Sarasaland Grand Prix- Daisy Circuit 
Sept 10- Mute City Grand Prix- Mute City
Sept 17- Popstar Grand Prix- Dragoon Air Ride Circuit
Sept 24- Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Moo Moo Meadows
Oct 1- Luigi’s Mansion Battle Arena- Mushroom Kingdom
Oct 8- Yoshi’s Island Grand Prix- Yoshi Circuit
Oct 15- Japan Grand Prix- Sazuka Circuit/ Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Super Bell Highway
Oct 22- Georgia Grand Prix- Road Atlanta Circuit
Oct 29- Mexico Grand Prix- Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez/ Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix- Sherbet Land GCN  
Nov 5- Brazil Grand Prix- Circuit do Interlagos/ E.M.M.I. Battle Arena- Planet ZDR
Nov 12- Valley of Bowser Grand Prix- Bowser’s Castle 3 GBA
Nov 19- Mario’s Galaxy Grand Prix- Rainbow Road 64

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Nov 21- Mario’s Galaxy Grand Prix- Rainbow Road 64 (DOUBLE POINTS, DON’T FORGET!)









King Dedede





Captain Falcon

Amy Rose  



After all is said and done… Fuzzer’s finally 1st, Daisy’s 2nd again I think, Triforcemaster is 3rd, and last year’s winner, Kirby, I think is 4th.


Meanwhile, for the teams overall, Delta Saraland is 1st, Dole Banana is second, and Sherwin Williams Hyrule is third.  


As for those relegated, goodbye Walmart Winners and BMW Bomber.  

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For Fuzzer1, this championship celebration felt like it was meant to be his after waiting for so long.


After receiving the championship trophy, flanked by his fiancé Daisy, members of the Delta Sarasaland crew and team bosses with a special video feed to Delta board members in their Atlanta HQ, screams and shouts of exaltation and triumph rang out as he lifted the trophy high above his head with confetti falling from above and fireworks being shot off into the galaxy.


"Feels good to finally be the MKRA champion after several close finishes the past three seasons,' he said in the post race press conference. 'To be able to bring another trophy back home to our team is incredible and it is another reason why this team is successful ever since the league began in 2018."


In the following 24 hours since his triumph, celebratory stops at the team HQ in Sarasaland for a special group photo with the team members and their latest hardware took place, followed by visits to the Delta headquarters in Atlanta where similar photo ops took place with Delta board members and CEO Ed Bastian, coming a month after their hometown Atlants Braves won the 2021 World Series, before capping it off with celebrations in his home state of Michigan with visits in Detroit and Lansing honoring their state's newest champion, which is something not held these days with little success amongst the local sports teams in the four major pro leagues.

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December 18- Ribbon Road:  


Samus Aran




Dr. Eggman 

Dr. Neo Cortex

Slippy Toad 

Peppy Hare



Professor Layton 



King Boo

Quiet Robe

Metal Sonic 


Results so far before the final race and anaylsis: 


1.        Aiai and Meemee (Super Monkey Ball)- 53    

-Likely is gonna be going down after the next race. 


2.        Samus Aran and Quiet Robe (Metroid)- 42 

-At this rate, could be first. Or second.


3.        Spyro and Hunter (Spyro)- 41    

-The next race will haunt them. 


4.        Jessie and James (Poke’mon)- 38 

-Because of the remakes, might be first.  


5.        Villager and Isabelle (Animal Crossing)- 31  

-Oooh, could be third. 


6.        Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic (Sonic)- 31 

-It all depends on Metal Sonic now. 


7.        King Boo and Petey Piranha (Mario)- 25   

-It all depends on King Boo now. 


8.        Metaknight and Bandana Dee (Kirby)- 24 



9.        Pauline and Geno (Mario)- 21 

-Likely not going to be promoted.  


10.    Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Tropy (Crash Bandicoot)- 20    

-If they don’t act like children, they might have a shot.  


11.    Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare (Starfox)- 19 



12.    Robo and Lucca (Chrono Trigger)- 12 

-Not gonna happen with Lucca doing nothing.  


13.    Sora and Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)- 10 

-They tried.  


14.    Fiora and Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)- 9  



15.    Professor Layton and Inspector Chelmey (Professor Layton)- 6  

-They have the luckiest of chances. 


16.    Hawk and Kiwi (Pilotwings)- 6 

-Game over.  


17.    Waluigi and Wario (Mario)- 5   

-Not really sure as of now.  


18.    Tracer and Winston (Overwatch)- 5 



19.    Pac-Man and Geese Howard (Namco and SNK)- 4   

-Game over.  


20.    Callie and Marie (Inkopolis)- 0   

-Game over.  


21.    Andy and Rachel (Advance Wars)- 0      

-Game over.  


22.     Jason Frudnick and Tinker Knight (Blaster Master and Shovel Knight)- 0 

-Game over.  

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December 19- Rosalina’s Ice World:  


Professor Layton

King Boo



Inspector Chelmey 




Metal Sonic

Dr. N. Tropy  

Samus Aran


Dr. Neo Cortex




Jessie and James 

Aiai and Meemee



Samus Aran and Quiet Robe 


will all be in the MKRA, the 2022 Season! So close for the other teams! 


Jessie and James will be Big 5 Elite Four.

Aiai and Meemee will be Dole Banana. (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will therefore be… Kong Martini.)

Samus Aran and Quiet Robe will be Apollo Astronauts.

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Finally... it has been SOME TIME... We're finally going around the world since THAT happened. 


March 12- Australia Grand Prix- Albert Park Circuit 


1. Triforcemaster  

2. Fuzzer

3. Crash Bandicoot 

4. Coco Bandicoot

5. Birdo

6. Yoshi  

7. Kazooie

8. Krystal

9. Fox 

10. Kirby

11. Timber

12. Koopa Troopa

13. Daisy

14. Mario

15. Zelda

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March 19- Easton Kingdom Grand Prix- Dry Dry Desert 






Jody Summer







Crash Bandicoot  


Samus Aran 

Coco Bandicoot   


MKRA Driver Standings after round 4 (of 34)  


1. Fuzzer- 67 (2 silver)

2. Triforcemaster- 61 (1 gold, 1 bronze)

3. Daisy- 50 (1 gold)

4. Mario- 39 (1 gold)

5. Luigi- 37 (1 silver)

6. Birdo- 30 (1 bronze)

7. Sonic- 28 (1 gold)

8. Kirby- 27 

9. Crash Bandicoot- 26 (1 bronze)

10. Yoshi- 22  

11. Kazooie- 21

12. Aiai- 20 (1 silver)

13. Meemee- 18 (1 bronze)

14. Coco Bandicoot- 16

15. Amy Rose- 15  

16. Peach- 14 

16. Krystal- 14

18. Jody Summer- 12

19. Bowser- 10

20. Rosalina- 8 

21. Captain Falcon- 7   

21. Fox- 7

23. King Dedede- 6

24. Setzer- 5 

24. Timber- 5 

24. Toadette- 5

27. Koopa Troopa- 4 

28. Samus Aran- 3

29. Cloud- 2

30. Zelda- 1  


The other fourteen competitors have yet to make points.  

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