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The Hidden Town of Kasuto - N4A Chat Thread - March 2021

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With the note that those older definitions remain valid definitions. 

While Nazi is overused as an insult, Nazis still exist, including those who actually participated in the Holocaust. Just last month, the US Department of Justice deported Friedrich Karl Berger, 95, to Germany, for his role as an armed guard at a concentration camp during World War II. 

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I almost never see the term "nazi" used in a way to label people you disagree with, there is almost always explicit overtones of fascist or racist ideology associated with them.  Most people who are nazis have done their best to sanitize their language in ways that make them feel less abrasive and hateful, and to make them appeal to "rational" people more.  They're not "nazis" man, they're nationalists who believe in a white ethnostate and that people should preserve their cultural identities maaaaaaaaaaaaan.  But then that logic falls apart when most self-proclaimed white nationalists are asked what their cultural identities pertain to and it's not actually about italian or germanic or spanish or irish cultural practices, they just want to get rid of all the brown people, which is enough of a commonplace thought that it makes alleged patriots and white people uncomfortable that they share a lot of views with the nazis of the 1940s. y;  Nazis were not this rare inexplicable evil that the US painted them as, they were regular-ass people with pretty abhorrent views and were a lot more common than what people were comfortable acknowledging.

Incel means the exact same shit it always has, just the asshats who use it as a self-identifying label have always generally harbored misogynistic
viewpoints on sexual relationships and women.  There is no inability to get laid because getting laid is incredibly easy even for the "ugliest" motherfuckers with the most grotesque personalities possible.  It's ALWAYS been about socially inept losers seeing the acquisition of sex or adoration as a transaction of power and status.

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I have older right-wing relatives who I’m Facebook friends with, and some of the nonsense they post is just unbelievable.


For example, I see them share memes comparing facemasks to armbands worn at concentration camps, and call those who advocate for a mask mandate Nazis. I’ve seen Dr. Fauci, in particular, repeatedly called a Nazi. 

I’m already seeing Hitler Joe Biden memes, complete with the mustache, similar to what we saw with Clinton in 2016 and Obama before that. 

And, given the latest controversy, I’m seeing posts comparing the Dr. Seuss situation to Nazi book burnings. 

While it’s very easy to point to January 6 and say Nazis, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that Nazi remains a common insult by those on the right against the left. 

Maybe I’m completely in the wrong here, but I don’t consider wearing a mask, supporting the Biden/Harris administration or not wanting to read On Beyond Zebra as weirdchamp opinions. 

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Social media is bad because some people use it as a diary and others use it as a news source.


And when the former posts something like "I'm having a bad day today because my phone isn't working", the latter will re-share it and say something like "People are dying".


And then they'll get seventy-three septillion likes, fourty-eight quintillion comments, and sixty-five trillion re-shares.


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FWIW, one of my best friends is extremely proud of his Scandinavian heritage and believes in preserving one's cultural identity, but also believes that Nazis should be punched on site.


He's also reluctant to get a vaccine, but only because he thinks that the ones currently available haven't been tested thoroughly enough yet.

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On 3/7/2021 at 4:47 PM, Tyranogre said:


So, let me get this straight:


  • Simp:
    • Formerly: one who desperately idolizes or over-invests in someone for their affection
    • Currently: one who says anything remotely positive about a woman

Does that sound about right?

The context I've always heard "simp" used was short for "simpleton" 

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