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The Hidden Town of Kasuto - N4A Chat Thread - March 2021

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Well, I see someone's hyped the new Nintendo Direct.


*Credit to whoever made this* 



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just barely shit out a four page essay with like 8 minutes to spare a day after it was due y; (professor doesn't take anything more than one day late)

nothing like realizing you still struggle with the same problems you did over 10 years ago to make you feel like you never progressed in life lmao

at least i finally know that adhd is the culprit and i can do something about it for once
just hoping it doesn't take most of a year to get care again like it did with my back

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So the ducky keyboard I ordered got delayed by over a month, so I ended up cancelling my order for it. Instead I went to the local Micro Center and picked up a modular keyboard instead and put it together myself. I'm super happy with the way this turned out and it's WAY better than the Corsair branded keyboard I was using before. Plus this one is LOUD AF

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i couldn't buy j digital copies of the manga i was gushing about a while back when i first wanted to read beyond the two volumes released in english cause my bank was being stupid and demanding phone verification over fucking ¥650 for some reason, but i didn't have any service and paying for it would have been a waste.

i had to pay for a month of service for a few things and just remembered that i could finally grab them and it goes through with no problem :v

kinda mad but in any case finaaallllllyyyyyy



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