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The Hidden Town of Kasuto - N4A Chat Thread - March 2021

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6 minutes ago, Pichi said:


if your name is spring now can i call you haru chan y;

i would be honored ;_; 


i always use the name spring for games and such, im pretty attached to it now flower; 




now that i have more hard drive space i'm determined to go through 3gatsu again and actually watch it all once the current season of anime ends.....soon.......so close

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I ordered a new mechanical keyboard and I'm excited for it to come in. The one I already has served me... okay over the year I've had it but I never got used to it and really do not like the linear switches it has. I cannot wait to raise clicky hell in 4-7 business days. 

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Come to find out, I could be sitting on a small fortune with some of these old Beanie Babies I have...



tn6MRFX.pngWhile most of these aren't worth more than they originally sold for back in the day, doing a quick search online, quite a few of these I have could be worth a few thousand dollars each or way more. Especially, those special Teenie Beanies in the box from McDonald's (Dunno why I opened that Teenie millennium bear. >_<). I've mostly just kept these all these years because, "LOL! Remember these fucking things!?" :P Plus, there are still some I really like, like this Robbin named Early and this sweet zodiac dragoon with the most uninspired name ever "Dragon" (I believe these zodiac Beanies came out after the craze was over, so...), which I have on my desk. I really want to find some one who knows about these things that can look at my collection and tell me if I actually have anything worth some decent $$$.


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