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SwitchPro...seeming more imminent? / SWOLED impressions

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Conversion, upscaling, machine learning...it's all the same.


Now with this all point out I wonder if the wait for a more powerful Switch is like the Wii U?


What I mean is that the Wii U was Switch stepping stone for success, it had most of the half-baked ideas but just better implemented with enough time and when it was cheap to offer wizardry of Switch before and at launch. Even when the Switch launched it was using dated SOC (System on Chip) by 2 year when the launch Switch. In 2019 they shrunk that chip by a little and that only saved battery life to the system no performance enhancements at all. Again all to cut cost, this has always been in Nintendo DNA to cut cost with somewhat dated technology to use in their consoles and handheld, every gimmick you can think of is tied to that and the Switch is no different with Nvidia.


So whether is DLSS or this patent that Nintendo is looking into, it is the cost of doing sooner or later? Like any video game manufacturer, they are always working on the next console, it is a given one new is already launched, no exception to Nintendo, they just as usual keep things close to the chest and now more than every with these rampant rumors and now this patent is making me see it is the cost of implementing with a serve cost to Nintendo at the end of the day.


Who's to make up what is this patent, DLSS or whatever upscaling...in the end a powerful Switch is on the horizon, it is just matter of when Nintendo thinks the technology is cheap enough to manufacturer.

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Story Time:


I got my OG Switch Day 1 at a midnight pick up at BBY.  I genuinely loved the quality of the console and the gaming possibilities it afforded me being both a DLX portable and a looks good enough for tv gaming console.  However, certain aspects over the years of owning it put me in a position to be on the look for a Pro/Upgrade/Successor unit.  Those aspects became to be heat warping on the JC rails on the system (JCs didn't click in and stay snug, as well as my right one could easily eject out without using the release button on the bottom of the JC), then cracks and heat warping in the plastic in areas, then a gap at the top of my switch near the cartridge slot due to heat warping, then the mounting slots for the rear kickstand got warped and depending on angles it could fall on its own or the stand could pop out on its own.  I never experienced the dock issues like some did with getting it scratched there.


I missed out on getting a PO for what became the SWOLED at BBY(wanted there because of my BBY CC and financing opportunities) multiple times but I got a tip GS was taking in-store POs on the new one and I got mine there.  They had some good trade in deals and when I got my new one, I would have no need for the old one,  So I ended up taking them up on the trade in and put that amount towards my purchase.  I must have hit a killer deal as I got $240 towards my OG today that is a net of $110 for 4.5 years of play on the machine,  I am not sure how long they are doing that deal though and I am a bare bones rewards member there.




*no particular order*


Screen size: not really noticeable difference in size at normal distance but when in playing distance the extra real estate does kind of stand out, not glaringly so, but it's there.


Color depth/brightness is noticeable.


The kickstand is playing a completely different sport than the OG.  Wider, sturdier on the stand part, and sturdier in the joints that help it keep its place.


Damn these white Joycons are sexy.


The materials used on the tablet part do feel sturdier than the materials used on the OG--stiffer, firmer, and have a texture to the backing plate.




I am in the process of getting my content put back on the new system so no gameplay assessment on performance of the screen or system with games yet.






All other aspects aside, if you have a good condition OG Switch and more so for a Revision Model I can't say the screen size and image quality would be worth it to you for an upgrade but at the prices GS is giving right now for a trade in, it's not a bad deal IMO either.


If you have no Switch at all, I would say the $50 difference isn't there for home gaming and you could put the savings towards a game you want but if you are a portable gamer, I do think this model would be worth the price difference.


Editorial/basis for this thread:


I do believe a Switch 1 Pro/Switch 2 is coming soon...how soon?  Who knows.  I don't think it is a coincidence that BotW2, MP4, and Splatoon 3 got moved to 2022, and later 2022 most likely.  Considering a Pro form factor probably being the SWOLED with maybe some 4K digital upscaling added, extra ram, maybe increased internal storage I don't think you can hold out for hopes and dreams.  I don't think a Switch 2 gets to market in less than 2 years though...  and I think it will be like the WiiU using Wiimotes with Joycons probably getting upgraded but will work with older JCs.  I don't find the SWOLED a bad investment.




I will try to have pics and actual gameplay commentary up around Sunday...too busy doing data stuff with it tonight to game before bed and due to work, movie, and important football game tomorrow I won't have time to really game with it till Smash Saturdays his and that will be in tv mode, not portable.  So probably Sunday with all of that other stuff.



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These are for some questions I haven't seen asked or addressed:




Side by side, and I used dock to line up the edges on one side, the pic shows how almost non existent the size difference is, to the point i put the og switch on top first and the camera angle made it so you couldn't  see the small difference. 



Bringing attention to vent changes--one open slit versus a back and bottom vent--important for that heat warping i was having issues with.





Illustrating the more pronounced bumps inside the dock and that button vent.

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