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Nintendo Direct for Feb. 17th (2:00 P.M. PST/5:00 P.M. EST); ~50 minutes long

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1 hour ago, Destiny Hero said:

Wow. I don't remember a dang thing about how I got mine. I don't do preorders without incentives--I just show up early and get lucky. Probably helps that I don't go for special edition stuff. Except... now that I think about it... I was seeing the Creating a Champion art book's special edition for like $40 back in December, and now it's $150 and sold out everywhere even though it's supposedly a 2018 release and nothing should've changed.


... Well, I guess it also helps that I'm okay with missing out on cool products.


Well, the Zelda franchise has been known for gold cartridges ...a matching gold controller was too enticing!

26 minutes ago, alienboyva said:


I also have the LoZ:SS bundle and that Wiimote is indeed pretty sweet. I ripped that CD to my computer so I could put it on my iPod (Now on my iPhone). It's such a fantastic little freebie just for buying the game (IIRC, it came with all copies of the game). As someone who was in band and marching band (percussionist/drum line), I absolutely loved hearing all these Zelda songs fully orchestrated. One of my fav. songs on the CD is the Gerudo Valley theme.


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I also made sure to get the gold Nuncuk from Club Nintendo to go with the gold LoZ Wiimote. I kind of want to get the Zelda Joy-Con, but a pair of new Joy-Con are still pretty pricy (not to mention Joy-Con drift too) and they pair that came with my Switch are still perfectly fine. *knocks on wood*


*It sucks that the one offered via Club Nintendo in Japan came in full retail packaging, while the one NOA offered came in a baggie like it was a referb/replacement part or something. :(  


Ahhh the elusive gold nunchuck.... I didn't go for that....

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Wow, I forgot I got the gold Nunchuck as well. Man has it been that long I haven't played a Wii game?


4 hours ago, Tyranogre said:


*The game re-explaining what a collectible is the first time you pick one up every single time to load your save file.

*Fi’s reminders.

*Motion controls for vine-swinging, tightrope walking, and skydiving.

*Goron save glitch.

Hmm, never experienced that Goron save glitch. I haven't PO the game similar reasons but I just want to see what QoL they will bring like the did with WWH, they didn't do much with TPHD. I am being cautiously optimistic with any changes, it will be nice if the controls are tighter, and the button controls are as good as they are.


I think most outside of the list things that could be better, ppl who actual played this game to end is playing this game for the story (sort of like Super Paper Mario), it is one of the best that even rivals Wind Waker imo.


When it comes to those special edition Joy-Cons, I don't care what fate falls those SS Joy-Cons, I will move heaven and earth for those things. It is a fucking must have!

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