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Is Charles Martinet not doing voice work for the upcoming Super Mario Movie?

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It seems that Charles Martinet may not be voicing any characters in the upcoming Super Mario movie that Illimitation/Nintendo are working on. (see link in tweet below)


Here's some thoughts on why Charles Martinet said he has yet to be asked...

  1.  He's under a massive NDA, more than any other Mario project.
  2.  Illimitation/Nintendo felt it would best to not use Martinet, as Mario only ever says a few words/phrases.
  3.  Mario & Co. aren't fully voiced and they can just reuse use recordings Nintendo already has.


I really hope this isn't the case, because I absolutely love hearing Martinet go full on with his Super Mario character voices. It puts the hugest, most stupid smile on my face. If Nintendo really isn't going to use Martinet, I'm sure they're going to make damn sure the voices for Mario & Co. are spot on. I mean they didn't use the Roger Craig Smith who did the voice of Sonic in the video games (Now no longer doing Sonic's voice) for the Sonic movie or the animated series of the time (minus Sonic Boom) and that worked well. Though, if the first trailer comes out and the voices aren't good (assuming they aren't using Martinet), fans better speak up and request Martinet! Hell, it worked for for the Sonic movie when they tried to pass off that disusing, nightmare-fulling, abomination as Sonic. Plus, rerecording lines doesn't take nowhere near as long as redesigning and reanimating a character.


Let's all hope Charles Martinet is indeed doing voice work for the Super Mario movie. 🤞



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Yeah, pretty much AB said about Rogers Craig Smith not voicing Sonic in the live-action movies, I think that is is precedent here, I hope.


As much as Nintendo are sticklers, they could of kept Charles Martinet to keep up the standard but if they did what SEGA did for the live-action Sonic movie they will choose someone who will be the Mario in movie universe is. I have faith things will be just fine.

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