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Balduq - N4A Chat Thread - February 2021

Stephen 776

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1 hour ago, Pichi said:

maybe depending on what it involves. pm me or w/e

we literally just don't have one at all, so almost anything is fine; it's called "Pokemon Go Halifax - Unfiltered"; basically just a PoGo group where you can swear and name call (though that rarely happens). So it's just a local PoGo group for our city.

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Snowing again and looks like the weather will still be under 20 degrees and under for this and the upcoming days (aside from 2 being 19 degrees at highest and lowest being 0 and 9 degrees...)




I can’t wait until Spring and Summer come around with nicer and warmer weather...


I’m seriously ready and been ready for it... will be nice to have windows open again, too...


Im so tired of winter and colder weather... like... well, every year, actually...

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On 2/8/2021 at 10:50 PM, winterberry said:

its so cold i dont even wanna workout


just the idea of undressing to switch to my workout clothes is so daunting i can't bring myself to do it 


and for anyone curious, yes, i will be complaining until it warms up again

Mood! That was me at the gym last year before everything closed down. 

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Huh - Runbow is on sale on the Eshop for a pretty good price at around 2.99


I completely forgot that was released on Switch - should pick that up while it’s on sale


Also looks like Ni No Kuni is on sale again for $12.49... that’s tempting 


Ive heard it’s a good game, but haven’t been sure if it’s something I’d fully like or not... it might be something id like, but not sure entirely 




And Digimon Cyberslueth is on sale again too... wonder if that’s worth getting at some point?


Although i still have a decent amount left on the card, I don’t remember exactly how much i have left on it at the moment- i think it’s around $80, though...? Still shouldn’t go overboard though - might be something i might have interest in the future... if it’s within my budget, anyway...


Also apparently RAD is available on the Eshop now... when’d that come out? I completely forgot that was coming out since it was announced in that one direct last year... wonder if it’s good?


Going to have to research and look into that one - not sure if it’s a game I’d like or not

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@Shadow118Digimon CS is an okay game. A bit trope-y and weird, especially if your exposure to Digimon was just the original anime’s dub (like me :P). How the game uses the universe of Digimon to tell its specific story was IMO pretty trippy.


But you would probably enjoy it for it’s monster collection mechanic, given how you enjoy Pokémon. So if you are able to look past some eccentric (and sometimes a bit disturbing) plot elements or even enjoy those, as well as some questionable character designs, I can recommend it as a reasonably good time. :) 

As to FFVII, I did really enjoy it for a long time, but I agree it hasn’t really aged well overall. Barrett is especially pretty bad for the precedent he sets.


There’s no denying however the impact that game has had, so if one could look past some of the not great elements, it definitely is worth playing, IMO. If for no other reason than exploring that cultural impact, like one would be doing reading a story like Moby Dick, for example.

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On 2/10/2021 at 4:53 PM, Tyranogre said:



It has recently been discovered that Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and the first two Avengers movies were all created by Hatsune Miku. Does this girl's artistic talent know no limits?

Technically, the way this is worded blames Hatsune Miku for that Avengers movie starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery. 

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