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Balduq - N4A Chat Thread - February 2021

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10 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

Aerith just died.


How do I change discs in a PSN game on the Vita? y;




PS Vita allows you to play games from other Sony’s players such as PS1, PSP and PS One games. However, if you play a PS1 game which has more than one disc, you’re gonna need to change disc after reaching the end of the disc. 


For instance, let’s say you’re playing FFVIII on PS Vita. When you reach the end of the disc 1, the system will ask you to change the disc to the disc 2. To do that, press PS button (at down corner of left side) for a while. It will appear a menu. Select the first option. You’re gonna enter on another menu, where you can select the option: change disc.


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how ya'll eating your toast


i only ask bc i forgot to change the settings this morning and now my favorite 'this is just hot bread' option has been ruined by ty's 'incredibly normal real toast'


anything over 2 is too hard......whats the point.....just eat a cracker...

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