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Balduq - N4A Chat Thread - February 2021

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6 minutes ago, ace said:

I don’t know how many of y’all are Northeast North America folks but man this snowstorm is insane. Day 2 and it’s still going. I think we’re up to about 2 feet now 

Ours swapped over to rain now, slushy mess.

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15 hours ago, winterberry said:

do you guys lock your front door when you come into your home?? like just in general?


i can't tell if i'm just insane bc living in the US gave me brain rot thinking some dude was gonna break in and steal everything including my virtue but our roommate 80% of the time comes into the apartment and just leaves the door unlocked after him, sometimes overnight and i'm just like



Always lived under that lifestyle of needing to lock up at all times. I thought it was just common sense and I still believe that.

A few years back, my mom and I were about to head out from our backyard, and in a rare moment we both decided to head back inside to grab something real quick while leaving both the gate and car window open. We came back finding that someone actually came around and snatched her purse from inside the car! We never found whoever stole it but later in the day a lady came to our front door to return it (thank god). She said it was left by a trash can and it turned out only cash was taken. We've been more careful about that since then, it's just surprising how quickly it all happened from bad chance.

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1 hour ago, Tyranogre said:


Damn that sucks.


Or congratulations, depending on whether or not it was a job you enjoyed?

Eh. It sucks and it doesn't.


Obviously, there is concern since my income stream is now cut off . With this, I am no longer on healthcare coverage, so continuing my psychotherapy and psychiatry appointments is going to be a mess, and I really, honestly need to find a way to keep up with these amongst other things since I am fucked up. Also, we are in the middle of a plague and bitches ain't hiring so much.


On the other hand, Upper Management™ at this job were straight-up pissing me off. My supervisor was jumping down my throat constantly over trivial nonsense like fucking Skype availability status and it was honestly becoming a real and depressive pain, as an autist with ADHD, to stand at attention at a laptop at home constantly. I was forced to take unpaid vacation time for errors in status, even though I was here and available. There was no wiggle room for emergent situations like having to go out to cash a cheque to pay a deposit at due date. I had to cancel appointments I had made for reasons of gender affirmation and was reprimanded for having another scheduled for a psychotherapy session at an hour they selected suddenly and with no prior notification to have a meeting with me about "unprofessional behaviour". I told them in professional terms to fuck off, had the appointment, and let them reschedule to another day.


ALSO, I found out recently that one of my other supervisors is a die-hard capitalist who endorses the associated oppressive hierarchy as "the way the world works deal with it" and casually racist. Like, "But the Irish," racist. I literally had to explain to him the difference and how and why the Irish didn't "have it worse", as he claimed, while he was vaguely grasping at straws and throwing out other groups. "What about the Chinese?" "What about the Jews?"


Just... UGH!! I couldn't help but think the whole time, "By the Gods, what if my position was worked by someone who is black? How forthcoming would he be thenhm?"






I saved that whole conversation. heehee;


... Honestly, I am kind of rethinking IT work anyway, mostly because it doesn't really exist outside of white-collar office work and I am beyond done with this kind of workplace professionalism and propriety. It doesn't agree with neurodivergent and neurotic people like me and largely, the only way I've been able to do it this whole time was through the masking I was conditioned by the Army to front so as to appear "easier" to deal with. I've spent the past several months actively wanting to set the whole damn building on fire with the execs inside of it.


That said, I don't know what else I'd do, exactly. I don't have any other skills in particular. Maybe sex work via OnlyFans or something, but who knows? Something to think about.


Filed for Unemployment. See how that goes. Shit appears to be frozen right now, though.

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