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Balduq - N4A Chat Thread - February 2021

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Damn! It sucks that Daft Punk is calling it quits. I'm gonna miss these cool robo dudes and their sweet robo music. :(  Though, after 28 years, I'm surprised they've been around this long.


OMG this video they put out about this...




The video just abruptly ends with a link to "Da Funk" Nice! 😎


One my fav. songs of theirs will always be "One More Time". After all these years that song still makes me spontaneously nod my head and tap my foot to the beat. However, I do really enjoy this live remix they did mashing the song with "Aerodynamic".



Also, this live remix of "Around The World" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" mashed together is pretty great...



I love hearing the crowd go nuts when they do crazy shit (music wise). :D 

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I mean this was obviously coming. After 8 years it was pretty clear they were done and this was just making it official. I would have sold multiple vital organs for the chance to see them live but I guess I never will now.


Maybe I should get around to finishing the helmet I've had kicking around for years now...

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>at work, playing Fire Emblem Heroes on lunch break

>coworker comes by and tells me that they're shutting down the office because someone tested positive

>all right, sure; I'll just go home

>make it about halfway to the BART station

>boss calls me on my cell phone and says that I need to go back and get tested

>already had both of my vaccines; what do I have to worry about

>decide to do it anyway since it will offer a sense of closure if I know that my vaccines are working correctly

>walk all the way back to the office

>COVID testing person won't be here until 1:30

>would've already been on the train by now if my boss hadn't called




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So, I have this pic hanging in my club in ACNH... and I kind of been getting mixed feelings seeing it after Monday's news. 


I originally put it there as something that would look cool, because DJ. K.K (in ACNL). and DP are DJs, but I'm going to keep it there as a tribute. I'm wondering if I should now change the K.K half to Silver, but that will lose the AC ✕ DP vibe, which is why I added it.


*More pics of my club HERE

*I posted this here instead of the ACNH thread because of the recent DP news decussion.*

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Not much going on these days, it feels like. rofl; I've been playing Monster Hunter Stories, and I was thinking on dropping the game, but once I pushed past the snow stage, things are a little more interesting. What hurts more is the fact that Monster Hunter feels terrible to play on the 3DS. The deadzone on the circle pad is so big. I'm basically pushing as far as physically possible before my character moves.

I want to replay the Zenithian Dragon Quest games, mainly VI. Great games, but I want to see how fast I can finish them now than in my previous playthroughs. I remember VI took me like 65 hours.

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