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Pokemon Snap - April 30th

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I just want PO physically but I can't seem to find it all that well in the US and of course no luck on Canadian websites.


Just have to wait but this game is so beautiful. I wanna seem more I am looking forward to its release but all was show is what we know of Pokemon Snap take pictures, is there anything more. I'll try not to be let down if that's all there is but a pretty games isn't gonna dazzle me for long.

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Damn this games looking pretty sweet, really loving how the graphics for this too - way better than Sword/Shield..... 


Though I suppose that's due to it being worked on by Bandai Namco and not Gamefreak...

Really would love to pick this up when i can - really looking forward to this new iteration - hopefully it has enough content in it


Although i could go ahead and preorder off the Eshop, still would take ages to download and would have to wait until im on an internet connection to download it the fastest... so part of me thinks it'll just be worth waiting until later to buy and download it

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