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GameXplain Accused of overworking its employees.

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Much like PB mentioned I've seen increasing number of articles regarding talent leaving and things of that nature.  Kind of surprising though that with crunch being such a hotly discussed topic in the games industry nowadays that it seems some companies whether in development, games media, etc. are still staying the course.  Now, I won't pretend to understand the economics behind the "need" for it but from a wellness perspective it's not a good look and with the discussion going on these days the power is in the hands of those directly affected by it and are becoming more vocal.

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Shorter video than the one in the OP but don't know if the vid there just keeps going on and on and on....


I did suspect something was off when the new hires were brought into GX, I thought it was addition but later found out it was to replace the previous crew who went their separate ways. Little did I knew it was under pleasant circumstances.


No matter how Andre continues to stay silent about this is not good, you don't want what happened with Smash players sexual allegations. The longer you wait the more to some you will be guilty of allegation and no one will believe you. Then again it is a catch 22, too soon also have that affect too as you may say the first thing that comes to mind and mistakes will be said. So this is delicate no matter how you approach.


Either way I hope when he does speak out on this he does it with grace and respect. And those who hear him out, allow yourself time before you respond with thanks or disdain. Like most things like this it takes time to process what is heads and what is tails.

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I was wondering why all their staff (minus André) suddenly left.  I can't help but feel that a lot of this could have been mitigated if they weren't solely a YT channel and more of a news site with YT content much like Nintendo Life, Gonintendo, Nintendo World Report, etc. All lot of with YT is trying to being first on a certain topic, so you can get those views. They mention in the video in the OP that they got the review code of FFVIIR late and had only 2 days to do the review to get it out on release day. If this was any other big gaming news site they would clearly tell their readers that their review would be coming at a later date after release day. Also, in the video they mention that they would only get paid a few dollars per hour, with some still trying to maintain a full time job outside of GX. GX has over 1M subs and a Patreon with a healthy amount of supporters, So... Where is all this money going? Hopefully not straight into André's pockets.


It's just sad to see this happen to GX as they've put out some great content in the past. I can't help but wonder if this all stated so they could hit 1M subs. Now that they are also covering PS and XB news with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, I fear this may get worse as time goes on. Hopefully with all this coming out into the open, it prompts André to change things. 

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One has to wonder about the yt economic environment.  Most reactors have a video they have made at least once about what the real yt income to them is...it's not a lot, especially with copyright cuts going to whomever.  And the odd thing here is their prior long time crew for the most part had full time jobs and the gx content they were doing was kind of like that side hustle job.  But with the amount of content and content types they have been adding to their repertoire it might have hit the breaking point on pay vs hours creating content.

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Probably seen on Twitter but Andre responds in spectacular fashion. I can't say I agree that not saying anything at would better than this statement but there's nothing here that address the allegations. I don't know what to think of everything going on with GX, I hope with time he realize this sounds very empty with no regards to those who he called his 'friends' but if it took this long just to say this seems like a pipedream.


I think this is it until he pushed to say something real because this isn't it, chief!

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Call me gullible but I believe this twitlonger. I know ppl can say he posted pretty quick but say all of this 24hrs after his first one is very commendable and I respect courage it took say all of this. From how he felt he was drowning, that the accusations should of been reciprocated. (it is a 2 way street) Then again it sort of comes down to he said they said. So I don't know in this situation who is in the wrong with what was shared and what was withhold but I appreciate that Andre noticed there could of been a mix up with that, not backing himself up incase anyone says that is convenient to cover up. Again gullible but sounds plausible. Also glad he owned up to the late payment stuff and as he said there's no excuse but still dude how do you forget to pay your employees. I honestly think one cannot make this stuff up he is saying, not that is not clever or to the point but again plausible.


Glad he reflected on what were mistakes and is working to do better. Guess we may or may not find out if thing works out with his new crew, will be interesting to see going forward with GX. 

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