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Nintendo acquires Next Level Games

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As the developer of some of my favorite games throughout the past few generations (Strikers series, Luigi's Mansion DM & 3 to name a few that I've played), as the story on GoNintendo says, "It's about time!" Their most notable games were the aforementioned Nintendo IP games with their other outings being 3rd Party Licensed games. We'll see what the future holds for them. 






Nintendo has announced that they've acquired Next Level Games. The two have worked together on numerous projects, most recently being Luigi's Mansion 3. Now Nintendo has swooped in to scoop the company up. You can read the official statement on the acquisition below.


Next Level Games is a video game development company based in Vancouver, Canada which has nearly two decades of experience creating video games for various console platforms. More recently, Next Level Games has worked exclusively with Nintendo in developing software titles for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch systems, including titles in the critically acclaimed Luigi’s Mansion series of video games.


Next Level Games’s shares are currently held entirely by its owner-directors and employees. A number of owner-directors recently determined that the time is right for them to sell their shares, and Next Level Games therefore began exploring potential sale transactions. Completion of the Acquisition will serve to secure the availability of Next Level Games development resources for Nintendo, including development expertise, as well as facilitate an anticipated improvement in development speed and quality by enabling closer communication and exchange of staff with the Nintendo development team.


The Acquisition is expected to close on March 1, 2021, pending satisfaction of all relevant terms and conditions, including shareholders’ approval, regulatory approval under the Investment Canada Act and other customary closing conditions.



Source: https://gonintendo.com/stories/374944-nintendo-acquires-luigi-s-mansion-3-developer-next-level-games

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I still would've taken the cancelled Metroid game by them judging from the concept art screenshots over what we got from Federation Force which Next Level also did. A mainline game with Samus being canned while a mistimed spinoff was greenlit (despite FF being in development hell awhile prior) is a most puzzling example of Nintendo's out of touchness for me.


I'm sure NLG will continue to do good but don't really have expectations for what Nintendo IPs they'll do next regardless, and again, is a shame that Alpha Dream didn't get acquired like this before going bankrupt. If Nintendo was this buy happy back in 2002 or earlier, they could've maybe still had Rare too. :v

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As a fellow Canadian, I couldn't be more proud that Nintendo acquired Next Level Games. An Canadian developer.


I hope to see them help Nintendo out more titles outside a few sport titles. What they have done with the Luigi Mansion series have been getting better like LM3. So I would like what more they can like Retro Studios before them and where they with Nintendo today.

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Almost feels like an "it's about time" moment for sure.  Their partnership with Nintendo has been so close for so long that this move just makes sense.  Can't wait to see what more comes from them as an official part of the Nintendo family.

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