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Video Games Finished in 2021

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Welcome to Video Games Finished in 2021! 


New year, new thread! 


We've been here before, but if you haven't? This is easy peasy. You keep a running tally of the video games you beat over the course of 2021, and post your completions in the thread! Feel free to join us, whether you're new or old. Let's see if we can top our collective tally of 420 video games beaten in 2020 this year! 



When you beat a game, post the name and the system. That’s it. 

We are going by the honor system here. Line them up and knock them down, and let us know when you've finished one!  

Want to review your game? Go for it! It's by no means a requirement, but you can let us know how much you enjoyed- or didn't enjoy a game in this thread. Want to share a picture proving you beat a game? Go for it! It's not a requirement, but shots of the "The End!" or the credits are always welcome. 


If you want a way to keep track of your backlog, go to backloggery



1) Make a new post when you beat a game, so I can easily see it and count it. The game and system you beat it on is all you have to post. However, having either your first post be a master post or keeping a running total on each new post helps me double check and make sure scores are accurate.
2) No emulators unless you actually own the game (or otherwise stated). 

3) You may finish a game you started playing in a prior year and count it. That's fine. In fact, I expect several users will beat games in January that the started playing last year. All I ask is that you don't open up a save file from years ago that is right before the final boss, beat it, and then claim beat the game. That's just goes against the spirit of the thread.
4) You can however, feel free to go back to a game you haven't played for year(s), start from the beginning and beat it and count it. That's fine. It is OK to beat the same game multiple years in a row. 

5) Beating a game multiple times in the same year will only count once. This includes the same game on different consoles and remasters. Consideration is offered to DLC campaigns and remakes. 

6) There is no Rule 6. 

7) Digital downloads count for the system you played it on, physical copies count for the system they were made for. 

8) Mobile games in the nature of gatcha, slight story, etc such as; Fire Emblem: Heroes, Puzzle & Dragons, Star Wars: Heroes, etc, can all be considered complete after beating all stages. For example, every story mode and paralogue stage in FE:H, all normal stages in P&D, all light, dark, cantina, and mod battles in SW, etc. These requirements can change if more story missions or stages are added. Just finish the levels available to you. I won't hold it against you if you claim a gatcha game as beaten and more levels are added later. Of course, if this happens, you can't claim to beat the game a second time in the same year. 


1) Console – Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch eShop, PSN, Magnavox Odyssey², etc.
2) Handheld – 3DS, DS, Vita, PSP, GBC, 3DS eShop, PSN, Evercade, Game Gear, etc.
3) PC – PC and Steam Box
4) Mobile – Phone and Tablet games. 
5) Overall – Add up all categories above to get a total


NOTE: Since some PSN games have cross save functionality, you pick whether you beat it on PS4/PS3/PSV (if applicable).
NOTE: Physical copies of games count for their original system, digital copies of games count for the system you beat them on. You might remember this as Rule 7! This is true of emulators as well- if you own a physical copy of the game, it counts for the original system. 


Challenge Game of the Month:

Just like last year, we're doing a Challenge Game of the Month! Each month, I'll select a newly released game as "Challenge Game." Beating a challenge game gets you a special bonus challenge point!  


January: TBD



Username - Games Beaten - Challenge Point

Tyranogre - 2 - 0

EH_STEVE - 1 - 0

blcdude1 - 1 - 0


Updated through this post. The games beaten can be viewed on this Google Sheet.


Leaderboard History:

EH_STEVE --> Tyranogre



First Game Beaten in 2021: Watch Dogs Legion, Xbox One, by EH_STEVE

Total Games Beaten in 2021: 4

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My beaten games: 


1) Console – 1
2) Handheld – 0
3) PC – 0
4) Mobile – 0 
5) Overall – 1 


1/19- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Switch 


Even though the online is horrible, playing it again solo reminded me of how fun it was years ago! 

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Eliwood8's Games Beaten in 2021:


Console: 5

Overall: 5


Full games list:




1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4)

2. Roundguard (Switch)

3. Death Squared (Switch)

4. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Switch)

5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)




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Xenosaga Episode 1: (German words) (PS2):


Good news: my new copy of the game arrived tonight and I was able to beat the final boss!


Bad news: This time, the game froze during the final cutscene, proving that the problem is with my PS2 itself. anhero;


I'm about to watch the ending on Youtube. Sometime within the next few days, I'll fight the boss again and skip the cutscene with Start + Triangle so that way the game will acknowledge my save file as "beaten" for the purposes of transferring data to Episode 2.

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- Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4)
First game of the year done. I really loved the 2018 Spider-Man game so it was a blast to revisit that gameplay again, even if this game is a lot shorter. Really looking forward to seeing a Spider-Man 2 someday, maybe with co-op?
- Roundguard (Switch)
A strange combination of roguelike elements and pinball mechanics, but it works for the most part. I'll be honest though, I never really got hooked on trying again and again.
- Death Squared (Switch)
I remember seeing this at PAX years ago and I was never too interested in it, but it keeps having ridiculous sales (I got it for $1) so I figured, why not. Even playing solo there are a lot of fun puzzle challenges, and I was pleasantly surprised to find there's a sort of story throughout the game—I assumed it'd just be puzzles.
- Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Switch)
A bit disappointed in this one; both the farming half of the game and the action/adventure half had too many little annoyances for me. I appreciate the unique approach, though.
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
Decided to jump right into this since I played Rise just a few months ago, but eh, I liked Rise better overall. Shadow isn't terrible but it doesn't do anything better than Rise, it just retreads the same ground. Also have to admit I still find the storylines in these games pretty uninteresting.
Console: 5
Overall: 5
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