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Route '21 - N4A Chat Thread - January 2021


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11 hours ago, Tyranogre said:




>leave brand new 5-terabyte external hard drive with the guy on my home from work on Monday, half an hour before the store closes

>he begins transferring my files; tells me to come back the next day

>come back yesterday, approximately 22 hours later

>files are less than a percent finished transferring

>the guy has no idea how long it will take to transfer them all

>give him my number and tell him to call me back once they're done


It feels exactly like leaving your dog at the vet to undergo a complicated surgery.



>stop by Target on the way home from work to pick up groceries

>take Uber home

>literally right when I use the clicker to open the gate to my apartment complex 

>get call from the computer store guy

>says that my files are finally done copying

>thank him and tell him I’ll be there tomorrow to pick up my computer



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I'll be getting the second dose of the vaccine at the end of this month. From what I've seen from others, the second dose will knock you off your feet.


Lately, I've been on a big Tales kick. I'm currently half-way through playing Abyss with my girlfriend and roommate. I've also been playing Innocence (DS). I have a nice setup on the Raspberry Pi to play it on TV... With a little more power, I could probably play the game outside of the native resolution.

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aaaaaaaa i'm so impatient for the vaccine now that it's on the horizon

i wanna see people again so bad. i haven't seen anybody but my roommates since march
and i try to not interact with them too much either since they have work and other such contact with ppl too

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