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Route '21 - N4A Chat Thread - January 2021


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Over the holidays i did some digging in my closet and found my Mario Red DS at full battery, surprisingly - though i couldn’t locate the charging adapter... it’s probably in that mess in one of those containers somewhere, though not sure where


Though i was planning on trading over my Pokémon from HeartGold to another Pokémon DS game and was considering starting a new file on that one...


But with everything else i was doing around Christmas (like building that LEGO set) I completely forgot i was going to do that - well, not a big deal


Well, guess i could revisit the original games and buy the original Pokémon Crystal off the Eshop and play that for the time being


On that note, should get around to buying Pokémon Alpha Sapphire off the Eshop too - been wanting to buy that for awhile... maybe I’ll get Yellow too

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