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The Millennium Court - N4A Chat Thread - December 2020


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It's really weird to meme about slurs that y'all aren't targeted or affected by. And there's especially no reason to say them here in any form, spoilered or not.
It's been a common trend lately to allude to slurs as a joke to replace directly saying them, and it really isn't any less shitty either.

Regarding MAGFest: The Hatsune Miku thing is a joke, but the whole idea is reclaiming art from its shitty creators.
Notch no longer profits from Minecraft, and people meme about Miku being the creator to disown his legacy.
People don't reference this to absolve the creators of responsibility for their works' problematic elements at all. I'm really not sure where you got that idea when people are constantly going in on Rowling for... everything that terrible woman does. You can't genuinely decouple her from Harry Potter. It's just a farcical condemnation via deliberately refusing to acknowledge her during positive discussions of the art itself.

You can't really do the same thing with something like MAGFest, though, because it's just an event. There's no way to show up to another MAG without supporting the shitty owners here. I suppose you could do regarding memories from previous ones, but it's just not really the same scenario, since there's no static, existing MAGFest that can be interacted with in lieu of the creators' involvement.

@devilsKnife Britian pretty much never fails to be terrible on this stuff

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Then make it not only about music and gaming. I mean... there are other arts out there.


Or do it like a "spiritual successor". I mean if the corporations are that crappy, the artists do their own stuff under a new name. Sure, MAFfest is owned its name, but music and gaming in general should not be copyrighted. There have been prior good success stories.    


Other than that, I got nothing. It just really sucks for these fans who go to these events to see their favorite composers and so on. Like the recent news has tainted a generation of people or more who enjoy what is essential to enjoying a game.  


And, as much as I hate Rowling, it sucks that a good amount of performers I knew made the roles their own in the movies. Who knows if they were to get famous in other roles in another parallel universe. No one has those answers.

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I'm sure there will be some attempt to champion a similar event or host a new one with the same ethos by some of the staff speaking out.

It's not as though you need the name or anything. It's certainly possible to recreate the structure and vibe of MAG elsewhere.
But doing that certainly isn't easy and it's sad to see the existing one crumble because of shitty, abusive management.

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The worst part about the whole MAG debacle is the person who is strong arming everyone out was only brought on this year. The abuse has been going on for years, and this guy comes in and just throws people out instead of trying to help. On top of that if I know anything about Capital G Gamers it's that they won't care about any of this, will label the fired people as the problem (and potenitally harass them, send death threats, etc.), and will continue to support the organization.


It hurts to see something that has been a part of my life for the better part of 10 years just go down like this. So many good memories were made and so many absolutely legendary times were had. It already sucks that there won't be a fest next week  but knowing there will never be another one again I will want to support sucks even harder.

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MAGfest shit sounds terrible, but generally if there is a want for that kind of event, something else will inevitably show up to take its place.  At least it isn't like the gaming community you've been attached to and loved for more than the past decade got outed this year for having a massive problem with child predators and pedophiles.


Speaking of having problems with child predators and pedophiles though, somebody ban that new account theydonothing;

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@Tyranogre nobody asked. i can't believe i have to tell you this but since you insist on deliberately being an idiot, do not use slurs. ever. 




the miku thing is cringe (which is fine) but i find it pretty juvenile...people you hate or disagree with will continue to make things you love and it seems really childish to 'reclaim' it from artists. normal well adjusted adults can just say 'yikes' and move on with their lives. i do kind of agree it absolves them a bit of whatever crime you think they've committed, whether that's the intention or not 


i've become a pretty big curmudgeon abt internet culture lately tho so maybe i'm just not with it anymore lmfao

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People can disapprove of an author being a garbage person and still engage in their body of work while remaining cognizant of its problematic foundation or elements.  I'm not going to begrudge anybody who still likes Harry Potter or Kanye's music because creators don't live in a vacuum of time and art can still mean something to you at a given point in time when the context surrounding it wasn't awful. y;

I've been having to parse these sorts of thoughts a lot because while I believe that, simultaneously it's been hard not to side-eye people playing shit like Cyberpunk that's been surrounded in controversy and transphobic marketing and in-game garbage and a part of my brain looking at people playing the game is going "so y'all are just okay with that, huh".

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2 hours ago, ace said:

Though it may the reduced to ashes (for me) I will always have this legendary night to think back on fondly

my personal fav show ever was one i just wandered into 5 minutes after making a friend in the hallway

it was such a fucking good time. the band was the last one in that room so they extended their last song for like 10 minutes, constantly looping it while everybody was exhaustedly trying to not stop dancing, then everybody climbed on stage and picked up their instruments and looping another one of the songs from the set lmao


idk why it won't embed?? oh well.

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