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Favourite Mac N Cheese recipe?

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So as a weird tradition started a couple years ago, we do a "mac n cheese fest" for my dad's birthday. It's basically a potluck, but everyone bring a different kind of mac n cheese. Last year I did a smoked bacon and cheddar. 


Rather than googling I'd like some more personal feedback, anyone got a fave/"different" recipe for mac n cheese?

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Haven't been able to try it myself yet, but this slow cooker recipe caught my interest at some point ago - i think it looks pretty good, at least


Aside from that, i love to add Smoked Kielbasa in depending on if i actually have it on hand - i think it's a pretty good addition anyway - only used the regular stuff, though,


Also alternatively, an varied mix/combination of cooked Hamburger + Corn + Bacon and occasionally Chopped Tomato (fresh preferably, but Canned works if you have that on hand) mixed into it is pretty good


A mix of Taco Meat + Chopped Tomatoes + Corn + Mexican Cheese used + crushed Tortilla Chips on top -  though one could just use/try whatever Taco/Nacho toppings you usually use in said Mac & Cheese


I don't think i've ever tried it with Mild Italian sausage, so not sure on that one - might work well with a mix of Italian cheese blend,Italian seasoning (?) and maybe tomatoes


Also i think I've had it topped with Breadcrumbs before, but im not certain on that - could be thinking of another side dish entirely (Think I've heard people topping Mac & Cheese with crushed Ritz crackers, but not sure on that one)


Though most likely served on the side, meats like chicken,pork or shredded Roast beef or Beef Stew Meat most likely would work well with Mac & Cheese


A bit of extra cheese on top afterwards never hurt either, imo

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But seriously...


I am a man of simple tastes on mac & cheese.  I need runny cheese with my macaroni...  I don't like the thick cheese with the noodles--Idon't like it overcooked to where it has browned on top... it can be Kraft.... or Velveta...  And it has to be fresh and hot.


I guess if I wanted to spice it up some small hotdogs/Vienna sausages or bacon bits would work....



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