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Hateno Village - N4A Chat Thread - November 2020


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it sounds very heavily influenced by dark souls and bloodborne and while i like those games, demon's souls had a very distinct depressing and weird sound to it and i feel like you could still have that without having a bunch of bombastic choirs and drums with it y;

this new arrangement is composed better but also the original has a much clearer motif of establishing a mood than this does

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20 minutes ago, devilsKnife said:

the whole original game in general kinda has that vibe I think... it was very sparse and lonely


I still don't know how I feel about the new version of the game but I'm optimistic

demon's souls is depressing even by comparison to the rest of the games in the series and feels very solemn

the game reeks of being a launch PS2 game from the look to the aesthetic lol, this remake looks fire but also i think you can still have fully-orchestrated music and have them be sparse weird arrangements

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