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Nintendo Treehouse Live October 2020

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Okay so the battle maps are largely based on areas of the map of Hyrule, so you already know that the areas you find yourself in are going to be huge. As one may expect, with a large playable area comes the concern of there not being enough to do in said area. With Hyrule Warriors, that honestly should not be a problem as they fill the space with hundreds of enemies to hack and slash through. This makes the expansive world of BotW Hyrule not only that much more vibrant and chaotic but also that much more immersive as you won't find yourself spending more than a few seconds looking for something to do (in this game's case, kill).


A major point to also consider is the fact that Link has many different playstyles based on the weapon types he has equipped. This follows suit with the previous Hyrule Warriors game but also makes it that much more different than Fire Emblem Warriors where the playstyles were all recycled by at least one or two other characters barring a select few unique ones. Perhaps we could see different playstyles for characters other than Link? Zelda seems like a shoe in for a second playstyle if we consider the focus on Sheikah Slate runes in the combat we saw today as pre-awakened Zelda and then a possible awakened Zelda that shows off her Goddess bestowed powers that would eventually seal Calamity Ganon away. Regardless, having different playstyles will greatly prolong the lifespan of this game while we wait for BotW 2 and I cannot wait for launch.

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I have added the vds for the games separately who want to peruse at their convenience.


I like how the missions seem to matter when it not only comes to combo progression but little insight to the characters in the game, I'm really gonna love doing missions with that in mind.

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Didn't expect to see such a heated battle in Pikmin 3!


I kind of half watched the Hyrule Warriors part since I already know how 90% of a Musou game plays out so might as well leave that last bit as a surprise, but I did like what I saw of Impa's gameplay, I'll say that much.

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Even more 100 years comparisons from yesterdays stream. Tho IMO Gerudo Desert is hard match by location so I don't much to look at or spoil there. More footage of the ranch comparison in full. That and of Central Hyrule, Hyrule Garrison and a map of the Age of Calamity and BotW comparions. Those last bits may be spoiler-y but regardless put the vid in a spoiler tag.




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