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Roivas Mansion - N4A Chat Thread - October 2020


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46 minutes ago, Youngster Joey said:

Ace Attorney 3 is so much better than 2, I'm almost retroactively angry about 2.


Same. Though, 2 has the best last episode out of all of the games as of now; heck even some people think that episode is the best episode. And, after going through all of the other episodes, I agree. Besides that, Pearls, the music, and the new mechanic it brings, 2 is pretty much annoying.  

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Sunshine is not a bad game. It's just a good game with interesting concepts.  


Man, so far my experience with new games in 2020 has been mediocre, two remakes, an expanded game, New Horizons, and Crash 4 have been the best highlights. Then again, I've been playing older games in some of these franchises with newer games first, so...  


Fall Guys look fun. Among Us straight-up stole the premise of the classic mafia game! 

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i had always thought my dad rescinded his canadian citizenship when he joined the US military but apparently not so i might have a way out y;

i'm poor as hell though so i don't know if it really means much tbh

Just now, Tyranogre said:


why did i laugh

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So i started organizing pokemon in my pokemon bank a day or so ago by Pokedex # from stuff i got from Wondertrades in the past


Unfortunately i either fell asleep or i wasn't paying attention and my 3DS ran out of battery - so that was several hours gone to waste.... i was getting close to finishing Gen 3 or 4 too


I swore i saved  later on but guess not


Well, back to redoing Gen 1-3


And another setback i have is that apparently i either sent some of these or got them in a future game - so can't exactly send a handful of these to Y


guess i'll have to use Moon or Ultra Moon after i Bank some of these Pokemon from one of these games first so i have enough space

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53 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

All of a sudden my PS2 stopped playing sound.


I don't know if the problem is with my HDMI adapter, or with the component cables.

Found a similar problem here.




Person ended up resetting the power strip and reconnecting the component cables and the sound worked again.

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