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Roivas Mansion - N4A Chat Thread - October 2020


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9 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

But like, how does that work?

Probably the same way Pepe works. 


Now, Pepe is an indie comic character created by Matt Furie, but his work got defined by how other people used it online, to the point where a cartoon frog became a political symbol in the 2016 election, with people associating the comic book character with the alt-right and Nazis. 


The alt-right has admittedly tried to do this with a number of things online, to varying degrees of success. They've attempted to appropriate everything from milk to the rainbow to the OK sign as a symbol of white supremacy. This is just another group using a similar tactic, attempting to redefine a previously accepted symbol or phrase. It's appropriate you highlight Nazi as your example, as the swastika is an example of this sort of appropriation: that symbol has a very long, religious history, and didn't just appear out of nowhere with the Nazi party.


It's a frightfully common tactic: a way to discredit others is to take away their language and their symbols, and redefine it in your own image. 


EDIT: To continue with your Nazi example, there is also the recent appropriation of ACAB by the left. The history of ACAB is a dark one, given its usage by Neo-Nazis and skinheads. I suspect the overwhelming majority of people posting ACAB online or in the streets these days aren't Neo-Nazis. 

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55 minutes ago, blcdude1 said:

EDIT: To continue with your Nazi example, there is also the recent appropriation of ACAB by the left. The history of ACAB is a dark one, given its usage by Neo-Nazis and skinheads. I suspect the overwhelming majority of people posting ACAB online or in the streets these days aren't Neo-Nazis. 

it was used by punk culture for decades. that fact that anti-authoritarianism itself doesn't have a right/left slant doesn't mean leftists appropriated it lol

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I still haven't played any of the (recent) REmakes. I remember enjoying the old RE games back in the day; probably worth revisiting at some point. If nothing else, it was nice to see Capcom finally move past remaking/re-releasing the first one. I swear, it feels like a version of that game has shown up on every console since the PS1 days. 

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My Resident Evil history:


Started with RE4:Wii literally because of the Nintendo Power review for it. LOVED it. So I checked out other games and have played:



RE1 - Wii via Archives or whatever they called it

RE3 - Dreamcast

RE4 - Wii and Xbox

RE5 - X360 (literally got my first Xbox for this)

RE6 - Xbox (I love it, and for like a week I held the WR for high score on the online wave attack mode)

RE7 - Xbox

RE: Code Veronica - XBox

RE: Umbrella Chronicles - Wii

RE: Darkside Chronicles - Wii

RE: Operation Raccoon City - Xbox (probably my first real online game, played the hell out of it, haters can hate, I loved it)

RE: Revelations - First 3DS, then Xbox

RE: Revelations 2 - Xbox

I even owned RE Outbreak for PS2 despite having no way of playing it.

Oh, and I've got all the live action and CGI movies, and Matthew Mercer signed my copy of both RE6 and RE: Damnation 


Take a look through that list and tell me what's missing. What I've never even PLAYED.

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3 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

Why haven’t you played the second... 

Honestly, no idea. Wasn't overly fond of the tank-controls of the early games and the ones with them I DID play were more easily accessible for me. Just never got around to picking up the HD version.

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The 2 Remake is really good. I got into Resident Evil because of its release. I so far defeated everything up to 3, mainline, and Resident Evil 0. 2make’s controls are perfect, it borrows the over the top shoulder camera, it has the same engine as RE7, and it uses the ammo making system from 3. Sure, it’s not a 1-1 recreation of the original game, but I found the 2make fun to play. Mr. X Gonna Give It To Ya got on my nerves sometimes, but it’s not like getting around him is impossible. The puzzles are some of the best in vg history, and the game is really replayable because of the scenario system.  
If I had to rank what I played: 


Zero is the worst because of its tag team system 

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a decent game, but I never got used to the tank controls, like you said.  Nemesis itself is really challenging and sometimes unfair in this game, but sometimes he will slip up for me to escape him. 
Resident Evil Remake: For some time, I had the game on my Top 100 because of how good it controls, but I think I hated stupid Ink Ribbon system and maybe some of the puzzles. Its inclusion of Lisa Trevor and the Crimson Heads are a good touch. The VA is good, even though it’s not iconically campy as the original.  
The 2 and 3 makes: 2make for not only what I said before, but also because of the characters and bosses. The 3make is different, and apparently getting rid of set pieces and an old live selection system is a negative to most people, but I don’t care. If it means anything, I beat 3makes 3 times so far. Plus, I like 3make’s version of its characters the most, its emphasis of action over puzzles (even though action is what caused the plummet of the series for a while until 7 came out), Nemesis’ new moveset (because a certain X stole what made him unique), and its reward system for allowing one to buy anything based on the challenges they complete and not the old-school “get good” system. In the end, I found 2 and 3 equally as fun, even though I know not everyone will agree with me.

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3 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

I hardly ever trade in my games unless it was horrible, or if there's a better version of it.

i was like that, but now with time restraints and what not, I don't really replay many games. So buy, sell, buy another is far more affordable.

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218 - Farfetch'd - trade
219 - Sirfetch'd
Stonjourner - trade
374 Dracozolt
375 Arctozolt
Dreepy - trade
Zacian - trade


Getting close to finishing the Galar dex -  Going to have to trade for a few of them, though...


Though getting the fossils i need are being quite.... troublesome - it's kind of annoying how rare the other two fossils in Shield are honestly


And i'm not sure how i'll go about Zacian - that one might be tricky to trade for, possibly - especially getting the rusted sword with it since i can't remember if items can be sent with Pokemon into Home or not right now


And since i don't currently have an active NSO subscription, can't exactly trade through Shield itself right now until i renew it



Speaking of the Pokedex, last Pokemon i need in Ultra Moon is Type: Null


Considering i did the trick of filling my party and boxes up so i could obtain it later, can't recieve  it until i beat the Rainbow Rocket post game stuff first


Was hoping to complete the Pokedex first, but... might have to do that after then....

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