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Roivas Mansion - N4A Chat Thread - October 2020


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blows my mind that there are still people who haven't given up on it lol

couple years back there was a guy running an earthbound page shaming people for playing it on emulator lol
a game that came out in 2006 that nintendo has shown absolutely zero interest in localizing ever

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7 minutes ago, Zora said:

I imagine mother 3 is trending because Fire Emblem 1 was announced stateside so people are hoping for Mother 3?


Idk. The projects just seem so different in scale.


Yep. It's why. Looked at some of the tweets.


Yea, but I don't blame them for hoping. No harm there.

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2 minutes ago, Pichi said:

didn't we already get localized FE1 on the DS anyway? y;



Shadow Dragon was basically a remake of this game with some, but not all, of the gameplay features and QOL improvements from FE7-10 (i.e. they added the weapon triangle, a not-stupid inventory system, ability to view enemy's movement range without manually counting tiles, and multiple difficulty options, but got rid of support conversations and fleshed-out characterization). They also added some new gaiden chapters and recruitable characters, but everyone hated the way you had to unlock them (purposely letting large numbers of your own units die). One thing that Shadow Dragon added that was up-till-then unheard of was the "reclass" feature, where almost every unit could change to a different class set then the one they started with (i.e. Cavalier --> Myrmidon).


But that's not what they're releasing. This is a straight-up port of the original Famicom game with a new English translation.

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Nintendo is one of the most baffling companies imaginable to me lol.  They still make great games and have so many cool ideas for products but simultaneously make the most nonsensical business decisions that almost seem antithetical to what would otherwise be a profitable decision or being stuck in ridiculously archaic design practices.  There are days where I'm going "THAT'S SUCH A GREAT IDEA" and "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING" at the same time. theydonothing;

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The limited edition stuff is pretty dumb, especially for digital items. Nintendo's been prepping themselves as the Disney of videogames for a long time, with how they've handled most of their legacy content over the years. I will give them credit for how they've been handling emulation recently, with translations of FE and SM64 Shindou, showing they have the capability of updating ROMs with their own tools. The 3D collection atleast shows promise for Nintendo 64 and Gamecube emulation.

My girlfriend and I have started watching Card Captor Sakura. This show is pretty fun and cozy to watch. It feels like something I've needed recently. hamnap;

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Finished TOK.  I'm making a terrible pun but it describes my feelings perfectly in saying that the last chapter honestly fell a bit flat.  Felt a lot weaker and abrupt than a lot of the final chapters in other Paper Mario games and while the ending is good, the last few hours suddenly into the ending felt rushed enough to sour my experience a bit.  TTYD is still probably king for me but TOK is definitely as good as or better than any of the first three games.

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