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Pokemon News 9.29 (6am pdt/9am edt)

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1 minute ago, Dancing Mog said:

I'm going away from pokemon thanks to them wanting money for expansions just for adding older pokemon. Gamefreak is just turning into scum who don't try w/ anything that is pokemon.

I get that and I really do but you do know the Pokemon you say you are missing out on, you don't need the expansion packs for, right?


The only requirement is that you have NSO to trade with those you know who have the expansion, you just need to update your base game to trade.


Trust me there other things beside this that is scummy with Pokemon and GF as of late but this one situation isn't exactly one, don't you think? I am genuinely asking here.

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I never specified any pokemon but it's just that GF is turning into one that will hold off on certain things to just be in a DLC expansion that is 2/3 the price of the game which i understand all the work they do, doesn't mean they aren't lazy. One thing that is nice on what i played when i rented was how expanded trainer customizing was. If i ever was serious about this gen, the game and dlc would need serious discounts to justify cause i really don't have the money.

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Yea and sadly, haven't seen either go on sale, this gen so far, digitally at least. Might be worth keeping an eye on Gamestop. I've seen Pokemon games go down in price occasionally. Walmart is another good option as they sell it for $49.94 in the US. A bit cheaper. 

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I'm talking about the ones we won't have even afterwards.  




Some of them will STILL be obtainable after Crown Jewel, making it over 250 Poke'mon. GameFreak should've made free patches to include the ones we still don't have free, than go the Blizzard route. And I don't believe they couldn't make whole new models in time, if they have the gall to pull out the expansion route. And not all of these models look good in Sword and Shield. I like Beedrill, Pidgeot, Ekans, the Starters, Venomoth, Primeape, Victreebel, Golem, Dodrio, Muk, Electrode, Jynx, Electabuzz, Magmar, the fossil guys, Dragonite, and so much more. They might not be competitively viable nowadays, but I want to see them interact with the new guys. To have them not appear in Sword and Shield... Why waste my time with the new guys if my old guys can't hang out with them?! How dare GameFreak cut them off I'd be so mad, if only I'd care to play the new games right now. I have 0% interest of playing my copy of Sword until the next game comes out or EVERYONE is back in a reasonably priced expansion bundle. 


Because it was a bit different when Ruby and Sapphire came out, when online storage was not a concept with the Game Boys. Storyline, it made sense for most Poke'mon to not appear in Black And White, although the sequels did make things better. THERE'S NO TRUE EXCUSE, other than GF being rushed to make sales deadlines and being incompetent. I don't even care about that Little Hero Town project or whatever, GameFreak.  


I love Poke'mon. But Gen VIII might be the first time in the series I don't care as much. The tagline is "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL" not "GOTTA BEAT THE OTHERS"! My sense of collecting in these games is totally shattered until they do better. 




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Glad you mentioned the locked out Pokemon for sake of having them and not completing the Pokedex or competitive reasons.


I nor anyone can deny the BS GF is pulling lately with mainline Pokemon as of late and I can't simply say this is better than nothing because as you say they could maybe not easily patch the rest in with time. Cost or not that is ridiculous some have to pay if they don't put the effort for new models or whatever.


Back in gen 4-6 days I cared about the completing dex and such, not so much and tho SW/SH have the QoL improvements withholding Pokemon is anti-consumer. I wouldn't say they lied about what they said about the models being new but this is the path they taken. (sort of like PS5 right now and some PS5 first party games are coming to PS4 and $70 games)


Ppl like point out straight out lies with companies but they are business first so they do their best not fib but will definitely withhold information if means they can profit later.(capitalism) So personally I am not that affected or offended because fortunately Pokemon I mostly want are back and as I said I don't care to have them all. If you feel otherwise that is great to you.


Just wanted to present the facts and that nothing is twisted with what is know so far with Pokemon as of lately.

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I am actually excited about the Galarian Legendary Bird trio and new Regis, though perhaps there could be some more surprises in store for us? We shall see with this presentation. Also I'm expecting a release window on or around November 13. That would give people without the game enough time to see the update, deem it a great addition, and be able to work out a way to pick up a copy of the game while doing Black Friday shopping.

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Woot Galarian Slowking!

The presentation was much shorter than I thought it would be but some nice confirmations. Happy we can play Crown Tundra in late October rather than November.

Also glad to see GO connectivity is still happening even if they didn’t even give a release date for it. Lol

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6 minutes ago, Art_de_Cat said:

Meltan and Melmetal have been transferable from Go to Lets Go to SwSh for months now.

Ehhh... they made such a fuss about him that I guess I just expected a little more... he's considered "Unknown Region" in PoGo Pokedex

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Oh cool, Poke'mon Go guys are transferrable. That means at the end of this year, we would have Gen I to Gen V. Even though catching all the Poke'mon in that game is impossible because it's based on a location system, so here's to more trading! Yes! Even more complications to get the Poke'mon I really want. Or maybe Home will help with those Poke'mon.


... Would it be simple to ask for the other Poke'mon from VI to VII then? 


There's only 34 Poke'mon left if they're going the extra mile of putting all of the Go Poke'mon.  


The obvs Gen VI Starter Poke'mon 

Vivillion Line  

Pyroar Line 

Florges Line 

Gogoat Line 


Toucannon Line 

Gumshoos Line 

Crabominable Line 






Oh, wait almost forgot the Ultra Beasts! 




Maybe another future pass or just two more expansion passes? Because so far getting everyone back is 95% complete, if the Poke'dex up to now is 900 Poke'mon. What would be GF's excuse NOW? 


Also, you might think I do want to complete my dex... that's half true. I feel like making my own Poke'mon League full of the zany of the zany, like what Gen VII did with making every type count, and not just the usual 12 sus. Not all of them the best of the best, I mean, it would be no fair to those challengers who deserve the win.  

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Was a bit disappointed, was hoping for a little more info overall since most of it seemed like it was confirmed information already. 


Also did I hear that all the legendries are going to be appearing or just some? Didn't see arceus or darkrai .

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