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Celebrate 35 Years of Super Mario Bros - Nintendo Direct


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The 35th SMB anniversary Special Splatfest ended 4hrs ago and it was determined an hour ago that Super Mushrooms won it all.


As I said I was a Super Star and from the very started I kept encounter other Super Star players, it was till early this morning I encounter consistent Super Mushroom player. From start to finish I would say I won 50% of Super Star matched and same goes for Super Mushrooms as well, and there's the end results that I contributed to the cause. I know better with Splatfest to keep going when you reach the max fan level for the side you are on, especially when the side you're on is really popular, as towards the end when most popular side get their max fan levels, that is when the least popular scoops in catches up with popular wins. That explains as I said the surge consistency of Super Mushrooms on the last day of Splatfest. If I had to rate the how many Super Stars battle I faced in the begin, I would say 8 of 10 were Super Stars. I think that's the most I seen battle between oneside in a Splatfest, the most before was maybe like 5 of 10 would face off with each other.


Good Splats for me in the end once I found a groove a weapon that worked for me and stuck with it.


Congrats Super Mushroom, you're the Super Stars of this Splatfest and happy 35th Super Mario Bros too!

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Well seems that there’s two more missions added to the Super Mario 35th Anniversary My Nintendo missions page. One requires finding hidden stickers on the SM3DW+BF website, while the other other requires you to find the Super Mario 35th Anniversary article on the Switch news feed and scan the QR code near the end. 


So so now I’m on track to having a chance to get the wave 2 collectible pin set, as soon as SM3DW+BF comes out.

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I seen those missions too, I didn't wanna look or tackle the ones I can do so I did some and I still need 5 more as oppose of the 8 before. Also, I feel the more I do the more I feel that if like 2-3 away will seem impossible and why I tried. We will see if more come up, like 2 more coming up will help me with some I know can do eventually down the road.


The mission about reading monthly newsletter, I've been already signed with Nintendo but all I get is survey email for game I recently purchased. I don't think those count toward a mission as their no. Has anyone receive monthly newsletter lately from Nintendo?


P.S. The recently special Splatfest was the 30th held in Splatoon 2, man they were 5 away from being the 35th with the 35th anniversary for SMB....damn.

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