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Tazmily Village - N4A Chat Thread - September 2020


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22 minutes ago, Zora said:

My rule of thumb is I need seven games for me to buy a console.


I'm still ambivalent about ff16 and I'll probably be interested in GoW2, but nothing else caught my eye. Falcom games might force my hand, but if NISA continues with switch ports, eh, I could go either way.


Hopefully, they learned from FFXV's mistakes and actually release it this console generation. And that's not the only FF game they have yet to put details out about.

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I had my first experience of a panic attack the other week. Symptoms were hyper-awareness and shortness of breath. I felt it again yesterday. This week we've had smoke ridden skies and it's brought back my anxiety of climate change. I think my biggest fears aren't anything immediate, but what the distant future holds. I think this year has shown me that I'm not guarunteed a "normal" or "comfortable" life that of which my parents and grandparents lived. Instead I'll have to worry evading wildfires in my future as I look to home ownership, while staying competitive in a cut-throat industry to support whatever wellbeing I'll have.


In other news, I've started playing sequels to some games I finished almost 7 years ago: Ace Attorney 3 and SMT4 Apocalypse. Both of these games are great. It's weird to think I had such a long gap before playing these games, but if I played them much sooner, I'd felt burnt out.

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1 hour ago, Edie Napier said:

I find it weird that I'm excited for a new Final Fantasy game since barring a select few games I don't even like the series, but FF16 is being helmed by the same people who salvaged FFXIV and worked on ARR/HW, and that's honestly enough to make me interested. y;

I'm pretty excited with what they showed of XVI. I'm always perplexed by people being upset with action-based combat in FF, though. Having such detailed characters just stand around waiting for their turn would seem underwhelming in comparison. It's not like there's any shortage of good turn-based combat these days with DQ and Persona.

 XVI seems grounded in comparison to their previous entries. I just hope the game's development remains grounded and is contained to a single game. I don't want to watch a movie, an anime series, and a Japanese-only manga to get the full-scope here.

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in 2014 i bought euro truck sim 2 cause a bunch of other speedrunners in the channel i was always chillin in were doing comfy long races (basically just long playthroughs) of it for fun, but as soon as i did it like never happened again and i still haven't played it to this day y;

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