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Tazmily Village - N4A Chat Thread - September 2020


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16 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

On the subject of JRPG characters killing God, in most of the ones I've played, you're not literally killing the deity that created the universe; you're killing someone who obtained the power of a God through artificial means. The only times it was played straight, it turned out that the God you're killing was actually one half of a single being that got split into two separate entities.

Assuming you’re talking about Xenoblade here, that really salvaged the concept for me for those games, actually. That they were no longer going full on Gnostic made the overall plot more compelling to me, and made Alvis and his random preachiness at the end more bearable. Knowing what was behind all that just made it better, IMO.


On the other hand, you have FFX which was just like “let’s just crap all over the concept of religion and the idea of God just because we’re clever or something”. It’s just not interesting to me. Again, goes back to the preachiness element. YsXIII though was to me SO much more interesting than either. In that game you’re literally killing God (or a facet of creation, anyway), but it’s not because God is “actually evil and stuff”, it’s just a conflict of will. And there are actual consequences to it, too, a very novel idea with these games that dabble with this trope. 

So yeah, my problem isn’t so much the trope itself (some of my favourite games, like Bravely Second, have it and don’t even handle it that well, IMO). It’s that I feel if they’re going to use it, they should at least try to not be lazy with it. It’s actually a really heavy concept (defying a theoretical being that would be responsible for holding the universe as the characters know it together in one way or another has a lot of implications), so really should not be treated so shallow. That’s just my two cents.

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Not really an RPG, but the big one when I think about killing god...s is the God of War series. And perhaps another action game that stars a certain witch. At least with their backgrounds, they make sense. It feels so fun to upgrade to better weapons and beat them up some more. 


The other two RPGs where you kill gods maybe as a last resort are: 


One Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Or maybe there's more.  

And... Persona 5.Could 4 and 3 count too?  


At least there are actual gods in those ones. The ways to beat them are really satisfying too. 

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