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Tazmily Village - N4A Chat Thread - September 2020


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They need to make an Akinator for streaming services to pick what to watch.

Like "First off, what country are you in?"; "Next, what service do you want to use?"; "Do you want to watch a movie, or a show?"; "How long should it be?"

Etc, etc.


I'll sell the rights to this idea for $50,000.


Thank you.

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On the subject of JRPG characters killing God, in most of the ones I've played, you're not literally killing the deity that created the universe; you're killing someone who obtained the power of a God through artificial means. The only times it was played straight, it turned out that the God you're killing was actually one half of a single being that got split into two separate entities.

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48 minutes ago, ace said:

I blew the 18 feet of dust off my WiiU and hooked it up to play galaxy 2 again. 

The game itself is phenomenal as always but hoo boy does it look bad blown up on a 1440p monitor...

yeah it looks so muddy all blown up...


shame cause Super Mario Galaxy on 3D all stars could almost pass as a modern game

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28 minutes ago, ace said:

If you would play it on a computer stay the hell away from it. It’s version of anti-cheat is like a step away from being malware 

Heard about it. No way I'll be playing it on pc. Saw an article about the anti cheat software last night. It's some bad stuff.

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7 minutes ago, Edie Napier said:

Most impressions I've heard so far sound like the gacha mechanics aren't too imposing on the game, but I feel the longer it goes that'll change. y;

yeah, a friend of mine was playing a touhou gacha a couple months back (idr the name sorry) and even spent a ton of effort building a resource for it only for them to almost completely eliminate the ability to play without spending money. :v gacha games are a fucking plague

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I thought I would be done with FFX after I beat the game. I thought it was just adequate. There was no real need to go back.  




But, why do I have such a bone to pick with Dark Yojimbo?! I don't really have a reason to fight the hardest bosses, Nemesis and Penance. This is one of those moments I beat the game out of getting closure. I have no real desire to get most of the Celestial Weapons. I should have no motivation to complete the Sphere Grid. It all really started because those Lv. 4 Key Spheres taunted me. I have a huge gripe with the Sphere Grid, but I'm a sucker for customization of all of my characters.  




Better question: What's preventing me from finally playing Super Mario Galaxy and Final Fantasy XII?! 


Why did I put in about over 150 hours of a game I thought was just competent?!  

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