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Tazmily Village - N4A Chat Thread - September 2020

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just learned about Soukaigi, an untranslated PS1 action RPG with music by the guy who did Secret of Mana. it's neat as hell.
full OST link but i timestamped to a really cool track as an example.
it looks a bit clunky as a game but stuff like this still makes me feel hella motivated to get better at this fucking language lol


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I had a really weird dream last night.


I was at a theater to see "Pikmin: The Movie". I don't remember all the details, but I do remember bits and pieces of the plot:


*Only the first ten minutes or so had anything to do with Pikmin.

*From there, it transitioned to a JAV about Hitomi Tanaka getting vore'd by an alligator.

*The rest of the movie was a bizarre horror film starring Kevin James as a detective investigating the filming of the JAV.

*The end credits was a mish-mash of old YTMND memes.

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So I have a less than zero chance of getting a 3080 this year since there’s an army of neckbeards F5’ing every single website all day long. I suppose I’ll work on upgrading the stuff I cheaped out on until stock stabilizes. 

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4 minutes ago, skycandy said:

i started using photoshop again bc my friend wants me to help spruce up her twitch branding n its so fuckin weird bc its been like 5 years since i opened it lol


i wanna take more graphic design classes now 😭


I know that feel.


My old computer that had Photoshop on it died, and it would cost like $600 to reinstall it on my new one.

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1 hour ago, Tyranogre said:


I know that feel.


My old computer that had Photoshop on it died, and it would cost like $600 to reinstall it on my new one.

buddy you should never be paying for photoshop

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4 hours ago, Edie Napier said:

i reinstalled sekiro in an attempt to smash my face into this game and attempt to beat it again


idk i just don't gel with it like other from games

do it


the rush you get when you finally beat the final boss is insane

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5 hours ago, skycandy said:

buddy you should never be paying for photoshop

i'm glad somebody said it cause i felt like i would've been bullying if i questioned him twice in a row y;

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On the subject of Mother 3, it's been speculated that one of the biggest obstacles to a localization is that the Magypsies would be interpreted as offensive transgender stereotypes.


Well, I came up with a potential solution:


Much like how the Runaway Five were expies of the Blues Brothers, I propose that the Magypsies be localized as expies of the Village People.



Think about it. There are six of them, and most of them are located in a place that roughly fits in with one of the gay fantasy personas that each Village Person embodies.



Aeolia's house is near Sunshine Valley, in the middle of a rugged mountain area. They could be the Cowboy.



Doria's house is in the middle of a forest between Club Titiboo and the Chimera Lab, two man-made settlements that were presumably built during the time-skip. They could be the Construction Worker.



Myxolydia lives on a deserted island, so they could be the Sailor.



Ionia lives near an ancient temple, so they could be the Indian Chief.




That just leaves Phrygia and Lydia, with their snowy mountain and active volcano homes, as the Cop and the Leatherman, the two odd-ones out.

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