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What is Q-Anon? How important is it really?

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Lately in the news I heard something about Q-Anon, and many mainstream news outlets seem to outright condemning is as a bunch of conspiracy theories. When I look at the comments at those videos as well as more niche videos though, I see near unanimous outrage towards the news outlets. However, I am aware that the internet can get carried away with pro-right attitudes, So I can't trust opinions from either side. Can you help understand the truth of this controversy vs the possible falsities both sides may spout so that I can make my own judgements?

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It's just the latest version of the "everybody in the government is a satanist pedo" thing that's been around for ages. except now Trump is the mole that's outing them or whatever. he's caught up in all that Epstein shit too though so it's a hilariously weak premise
i'm sure they're on some david icke tier shit at this point

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I never heard of it until very recently when I saw a couple random memes about it. In looking it up I think it’s safe to say it’s just another weird neo-conservative group from the late 2010s. Sounds like it started in 4chan? Big surprise there.

As to how “important” they would be, the danger lies in how many people are able to get sucked into that kind of rhetoric of “deep state” stuff. The funny part though is all these fringe groups imagine the government to be much more organized in their diabolical activities than they really could ever be. There’s so much bureaucracy and incompetence in most organizations that the very notion of such a seamless national or global plot is quite ridiculous.


Unfortunately the Trump administration loves to fan the flames of these little fringe groups and it risks blowing up to much more than it should be.

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