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Which Xenoblade series ending theme is your favorite?

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For those who have played through the series in some fashion or another and have gotten to experience their respective ending themes; which is your favorite?


For me, it was a tough choice, but One Last You from XC2 is my favorite of the bunch.  Something about it just stuck with me even moreso than Beyond the Sky.  Just the song itself and the lyrics to it describing this sort of journey of a person finding their place in the world and the growing adoration they have for the one that helped them to do that.  The entire song is almost like a realization of these things building up to a point where the final lyrics are a desperate plea to be granted one final moment to tell that person how they feel.  It hits even more if you've played through Torna and have an understanding of the backstory and the events that tie in a bit more to the meaning of the lyrics.


I told my girlfriend that when we get married I will probably sneak this song into whatever playlist she decides to cobble together. :P


But anywho:


Xenoblade Chronicles  - Beyond the Sky





Xenoblade Chronicles X - Your Voice





Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - One Last You





XC2: Torna The Golden Country - A Moment of Eternity





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Can't say I remember each song well enough to have had a favorite before now, but listening to them all here back to back I might say Beyond the Sky stands out the most for me—though that's probably also because I just replayed the game, so it's the most fresh in my mind! But also the lyrics speaking to everything Shulk did to finally have a chance to be with the people he loves is very sweet.

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I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I haven't finished Xenoblade X. But I think Beyond the Sky will probably always be my favorite. One Last You is a worthy successor, though, and I love it almost as much. If I'd played Xenoblade 2 first, my preference might be reversed. But Xenoblade 2 is so close in quality to the original that I feel that's true about the game generally. 

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