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Streets of Rage 4

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Downloaded it tonight.  Got to the boss of world 3 or 4.... it was a pier area.  I don't think my JCs were responding correctly--I need to try with my Pro Controller.... and I need to study attacks better for myself.


I played all of the characters and I think I like the chic with the guitar and the dude with the cyborg arms the most.

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Streets of Rage 2 was my first experience with the series, but since 4 which was well worth the wait made the versions of everyone from the first three games unlockables, down to the original sprites and everything, it's almost like I've played all the games now, in a manner of speaking. Awesome feature in addition to the other throwbacks.


Can say Blaze is my favorite out of the unlockable SoR1 cast. For 2, probably Skate with how quick he is, though his damage output leaves a bit to be desired. For the SoR3 characters, everyone's pretty solid, but would have to go with Shiva for badass points. Finally, out of the SoR4 cast, Cherry I see as an improved version of Skate conceptually (smaller speedy character with a strong aerial move to finish with), though Adam has grown on me too with the Luke Cage kind of vibe he gives to me now. Floyd definitely took the most adjusting at first with his lack of mobility, but once you know how to punish with him he's pretty good.


Certainly a good time for one of the most influential series of the beat em up genre to be back and better than ever.

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DLC being contemplated?




They inquired about Shinobi?  Interesting situation on how they would have to get that to work if it were to happen.  I wonder what other classic characters would make sense for that game though... and be new and interesting.  Someone in their comments dropped a Golden Axe DLC thought.... that would be crazy...

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20 hours ago, Ridley Prime said:


Wasn’t expecting to see the next character reveal this soon, at least before we got the update with content from the last video.


In any case, hopefully the 3rd character is Shiva.


Cool.....  I need to get back into the game again.... just so much going on with work, photography work, exercise needs, and sleep needs for work LOL that its tough for me to find time to get back into it... I put a good amount in the first week it came out.

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