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Yeah Quebec and Ontario both have quite a lot more than that and with the lack of decent testing, the numbers are probably much higher... 


Not to mention I have been hearing that there’s a possibility that some of the negatives are false negatives, meaning even with the silly pre-criteria for getting tested still being in effect, the tests might not even be totally reliable. 

With all that said I don’t really think these numbers are giving us a very good sense of what is happening. So yeah... social distancing and overall staying at home is key, obviously.

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I came across this meme tonight





This was kind of interesting as well.  And keep in mind, I am no TC/FOX NEWS fan but I found this argument fascinating to watch/hear.


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2 hours ago, purple_beard said:

This was kind of interesting as well.  And keep in mind, I am no TC/FOX NEWS fan but I found this argument fascinating to watch/hear.

It's not fascinating, it's fucking stupid. Blatant propaganda to make people distrust health officials even more.

Pretending to be reasonable, but going on and on about how "nobody saw it coming, these people make mistakes, too." Fucking slimy bullshit.
This dude is literally just a mouthpiece for the rich sociopaths that have already come out and told the proles to straight up die for the economy.
Even on this own dude's show: https://www.salon.com/2020/03/25/fox-news-brit-hume-entirely-reasonable-for-elderly-to-risk-getting-coronavirus-to-save-economy/

And he wants to accuse other people of damning everybody from the comfort of their position lmao.

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The thing is, the economy is kind of fracked anyway. I'm living in Texas and we were among the last to impose a stay at home, but everything was slowing down weeks before hand. When a virus can reach a 10% mortality rate without curve flattening a la Italy, turns out lot of people aren't going to play a hypothetical Russian Roulette to buy a non-essential thing-a-majig. A lot of businesses closed doors not out of legal mandate, but just because they weren't getting business (some non-essentials, especially entertainment retailers, did get more business but that's more an exception than a rule).


Like, I'm genuinely unsure what people like these CEOs and right-wing cucks are advocating. Have overpaid CEOs/investors lose a little bit less money on "investments" even if it means killing millions? Pretend there aren't mass lay-offs and force people back to at times non-existent jobs to pretend we don't need a social safety net like UBI or universal Healthcare? Or is the calculus literally if the GOP says they cured it and/or its China's fault loud enough people might ignore the dead bodies and elect them anyway?

Yes, the economy is fracked, but suggesting we lapse social distancing for "the economy" and see who survives covid is, at best, an unwitting advancement of eugenics. The only reason to hypothetically be concerned about the economy is how much our survival, such as affording shelter and food or having access to Healthcare, is tied to our employers, but the takeaway should be to provide access to basic amenities directly. Or out another way, this crisis just puts into focus how much our old economic system is failing, rather than saving the old system, we should strive to do better. In the mean time, public health mode is the best way to proceed, because until we're past the worst of it, COVID is going to disrupt the old norm regardless; saving it presently is a fool's errand.

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If someone wanted to discuss that in good faith at a later date (we haven't even hit the peak yet) that would be alright but Fox News is just blatantly dishonest. Look at how their rhetoric has changed in the last few weeks. I'd rather listen to public health experts even if they've made some missteps than some disingenuous multi-millionaire TV host.

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The case count situation in the USA compared to 2 days ago:


United States - 312,481 (+66,880)


New York - 114,174 (+21,403)

New Jersey - 34,124 (+8,574)

Michigan - 14,225 (+3,434)

California - 13,904 (+2,782)

Louisiana - 12,496 (+3,337)

Massachusetts - 11,736 (+2,770)

Florida - 11,545 (+2,537)

Pennsylvania - 10,507 (+2,819)

Illinois - 10,360 (+2,663)

Washington - 7,632 (+1,037)

Texas - 6,872 (+1,619)

Georgia - 6,383 (+939)

Connecticut - 5,276 (+1,452)

Colorado - 4,565 (+837)

Indiana - 3,953 (+915)

Ohio - 3,739 (+836)

Tennessee - 3,322 (+497)

Maryland - 3,172 (+841)

Virginia - 2,637 (+929)

North Carolina - 2,550 (+509)

Missouri - 2,346 (+929)

Arizona - 2,236 (+470)

Wisconsin - 2,128 (+380)

South Carolina - 1,917 (+359)

Nevada - 1,742 (+258)

Alabama - 1,633

Mississippi - 1,455

Utah - 1,436

Oklahoma - 1,161

Idaho - 1,078

Oregon - 999

Kentucky - 917

Minnesota - 865

Rhode Island - 806

Iowa - 787

Arkansas - 743

Kansas - 698

New Hampshire - 621

Delaware - 593

New Mexico - 589

Vermont - 461

Maine - 456

Hawaii - 351

Nebraska - 323

West Virginia - 282

Montana - 281

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This is what happens when people base the economy on venture capitalism with a strong dose of social Darwinism. Mix in systemic prejudice and frankly I’m surprised the US has limped along for as long as it has. Yet your economy is held aloft as the gold standard for the world? 

I mean, other parts of the world may or may not be marginally better but absolutely this is the golden opportunity for your country and the rest of us to change this silly game being played. The game being letting wealthy sociopaths decide the fate of all humanity. I feel like this is really it: the last chance before all hell breaks loose on us all with things like global warming. It’s tragic and terrible that it is taking another pandemic to set the stage but I think this is the time to really start pushing back against these billionaire psychos...

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3 hours ago, devilsKnife said:



epic style



Lucky bastard.  I've been on normal UI since the first week of March and I haven't gotten ANYTHING YET.  Hell, I couldn't even sign in today to complete my job hunt survey from last week due to the site crashing.  I can't get through on the phone, the phone bank wont even let you leave call back messages anymore.  And, the email they have sends back call if you have issues.

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