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Routine Political Dystopia 2021 Edition


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Oh, by the way, can you please change the name of this thread, please, Pichi? 


It's no longer 2020, and we no longer have the clown and joker in our office anymore. 


I no longer find this whole thing a farce right now. I no longer find our current administration a joke. I no longer feel like there's a rollercoaster of emotions. 


I no longer feel scared as I was for four years. I feel a lot more hopeful. That feeling of being along might never go away, but it's now been taken over by a feeling of optimism. I feel like I can finally move forward, not backwards.  


I feel a difference in positive change, even though it's slowly building up.  


What today means to you will be different, but it's smaller steps for a brighter future. 


And maybe with this, I no longer need to post here. But, who knows.

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  • Pichi changed the title to Routine Political Dystopia 2021 Edition

Yeah. Who knows if that’ll ever change, but am just glad our society can begin returning to some semblance of normalcy after everything that’s happened.


It was kinda contested for awhile, but can honestly say we had the worst previous president bar none. Worse than Bush, worse than Nixon... Worse than anyone. They were snowballs being thrown, while Trump was the avalanche that came crashing down on everyone.

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38 minutes ago, Pichi said:

you know they're both responsible for the deaths of millions of people right

Yes, but we also just had our democracy challenged in ways I never thought it would on top of that. They're all bad examples, but it's no contest for me as to who was the worst.


Was just stressing my "Good riddance Trump" take, not so much trying to make those presidents look better than they were. Sorry if it came off that way. y;

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