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Routine Political Dystopia 2021 Edition


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Haven't visited this thread in a bit let alone with the madness that has occurred over the past week.  I'm still processing a lot of this but I'm glad that on his way out that some of the worst of his presidency will stick to him.  His legacy in the history books will rightly define him as the trash that he is; call it mean spirited, petty, schadenfreude but I'm ecstatic that after years of getting away with things he shouldn't have, earning him the "teflon Don" nickname in his presidency that he is rightly being made to reap what he has sown.

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Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but what exactly does this accomplish? He'll be gone in a week anyway, and with so many social media sites banning him, he has no way to rile up his followers.


At least last year's impeachment could've gotten rid of him when there was still time left for him to really fuck things up. But now, it's a case of too little, too late.

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3 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

Sure. Majority is blue now. 50/50 senate!

oh i didn't realize they had already been sworn in
but you need 2/3rds to impeach don't you?

i guess that's enough for "remotely slim" lol

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1 hour ago, Pichi said:

is there even a remotely slim chance this doesn't immediately die in the senate like last time

It's complicated.  The senators have been sworn in but the Democratic Caucus can't assert control of the Senate until January 20th.  A lot of sources report that McConnell actually supports the impeachment as a means of purging Trump from the party and to disbar him from running in 2024, but doesn't want to make a clear commitment until he has the whip count for the votes he needs, and likely does not want to actually remove Trump while he's still in office on the off-chance that Pence pardons him in his last week.  On top of that, an impeachment trial will function as a good obstruction for Biden attempting to pass anything at the start of his administration.

It ultimately benefits Mitch to both stall the trial until Biden's inauguration to obstruct the Democratic-run senate and to convict Trump to get heat off from major tech donors who have cut campaign donations to R-politicians.  And unlike the first impeachment that Mitch wrote off as a complete joke, the fact that he hasn't with this is more telling than before.  He has something planned, he always does.

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