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MASSIVE eShop sale! - 400+ Switch/3DS titles on sale

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There's a massive sale going on, on the Switch/3DS eShop with over 400 games on sale!


*WB games (sale until 2/17) | Capcom Games (sale until 2/17) | Blizzard games (sale until 2/18) | Activision games (sale until 2/21) | Ubisoft games (until 2/24)


Check out the FULL Listhttps://www.nintendo.com/games/game-guide/#filter/:q=&dFR[generalFilters][0]=Deals 


Some games to point out (More: http://nintendo.com/deals/) <--- Includes 3DS games


*Games are the Switch version, unless stated otherwise*

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4 hours ago, devilsKnife said:



I don't get the animal crossing switch until the 13th of next month


If you log-in to your Nintendo Account you can buy games right from Nintendo’s site. *Though, I’m not sure if your account has to be linked to a Switch first. 


If you log-in, go to a game’s page on Nintendo’s site, and see the option to buy digitally, you should be good. When you get your Switch and link your account, all your purchased games should be in your downloads on your eShop account.  Hell, they might even start auto-download once you link your account. 

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I bought myself 512GB Micro SD card before Christmas (it could of been Black Friday because it was slightly more cheaper than usual) and just the end of last month I already filled this SD card. My previous SD of 400GB was full to the max with all the game I DL'd back and archived that left me with 50GB on this new and like I said it is full back all over again.


Normally, I would scoff off the sales I seen but I actually seen a couple games I've been waiting to get really cheap and it happens when my SD is full. At this point I wonder what game I don't own if I have to look forward to games that are cheap and not necessarily I want?

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Geez it's almost too much to even scroll through and find games. Here's some stuff that jumped out at me that I recommend though:


Shakedown Hawaii

Child of Light

Dead Cells


Yoku's Island Express

FRAMED Collection


2 hours ago, purple_beard said:

I'll vouch for crash team racing!


I got crash trilogy for Xmas but is a crazy deal.


How is Spyro?


I thought it was good though undeniably locked in the past in some ways, and with some poor load times.

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