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Nintendo Q3 Earnings Results (Sales Data)

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I've been meaning to compile the data for a few days now but just didn't have the time or energy this week to do so.  But here we are! You can grab this information and so much more at Nintendo's Investor Relations page but I've outlined the updated sales data for Switch and 3DS below.  Not much to say here other than Switch is a beast of a machine on the market right now with a slew of titles that continue to live up to the evergreen status of just selling non-stop.  Mario Kart 8 on Switch alone at over 22M is nuts; if you were to add the data for the original Wii U game then Mario Kart 8 on the whole is a 30M+ seller.  But just look at any title on the list below and it's pretty amazing to see just how well some of these games are doing.  Breath of the Wild over 16 million, Pokemon Sword and Shield just came out in November and is already over 16 million. Even Luigi's Mansion 3 is putting in work at over 5.3M sold.


However, what got me the most were the additional million selling titles that were buried in the supplementary financial data.  Games that did incredibly well but didn't make the top ten simply because they didn't sell enough millions to do so. Like Link's Awakening already pushing over 4M or Fire Emblem Three House already being the second best selling FE in series history at over 2.5M.  Ring Fit Adventure a 2M seller.  But what really caught my eye was seeing both Astral Chain and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 making the list.  While essentially first party games via third party collaborations both are titles that I'm sure were not expected to hit that milestone.  Even though both barely squeaked by on the list at just over 1 million that's a pretty great result for an all new and exclusive Platinum Games IP and the return of a fan favorite Marvel series.


Anyway, enough talk; to the lists!  Also, as an addendum as it wasn't part of the initial sales data Nintendo did hold a presentation with their investors to discuss Q3 data and the effect that Nintendo's decisions are having and will have in the coming year.  In that presentation it was revealed that there are over 15 million Nintendo Switch Online accounts.


Nintendo Switch - 52.48M


Switch Top Ten Million Sellers

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 22.96M

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - 17.68M

Super Mario Odyssey - 16.59M

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild - 16.34M

Pokemon Sword/Shield - 16.06M

Pokemon LG Pikachu/Eevee - 11.76M

Splatoon 2 - 9.81M

Super Mario Party - 9.12M

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 5.85M

Luigi's Mansion 3 - 5.37M


Additional million sellers outside Top Ten


Super Mario Maker 2 - 5.04M

TLoZ Link's Awakening - 4.19M

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 2.58M

Ring Fit Adventure - 2.17M

Astral Chain - 1.03M

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - 1.02M


Nintendo 3DS - 75.71M


N3DS Top Ten Million Sellers

Mario Kart 7 - 18.68M

Pokemon X/Y - 16.44M

Pokemon Sun/Moon - 16.18M

Pokemon OR/AS - 14.26M

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 13.32M

Super Mario 3D Land - 12.67M

Animal Crossing New Leaf - 12.45M

Super Smash Bros. for N3DS - 9.57M

Pokemon US/UM - 8.70M

Tomodachi Life - 6.55M

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Really impressed by those other million-seller games! I know Ring Fit is basically the Wii Fit of the Switch but two million is still a lot more than I would have given it credit for. And a million sold for Astral Chain is great, even if it is, after all, from one of the most famous action-game developers currently working.


I was also curious if those 3DS numbers had moved at all in the last year: compared to last year's Q3 report, just barely. I know that's not a surprise to anyone but I wonder when Nintendo will officially retire the 3DS.

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Yes, it's somewhat crazy to think that the latest mainline Pokemon games reach 16 million. Outside those who were outraged with this these titles, the only they sold that much in such a short time was this is the first game on console like system. Even if there were those said this wasn't game for them bought or not, the first Pokemon title on TV is appealing.


I'm really impressed with LM 3 , Astral Chain and MUA 3 numbers too. They all had competition with other Nintendo titles or 3rd party party. Especially so for MUA 3 that came out a week before FE: TH and to think it's only behind that by a million and half is nothing short of amazing.


Not surprised with Link's Awakening numbers, somewhat surprised with Ring Fit Adventures tho.


@Eliwood8: I think there was not change for the better with 3DS numbers around this time last year, I believed I heard the sales were down like 70 percent or so for the games, not sure for the systems.


Also, to show that the latest Pokemon numbers are not fluke in the same timeframe when X/Y and S/M came out respectfully, each sold 2-3 millions. Now remember the install base of the 3DS is much higher than Switch now back when these titles released. So for these latest Pokemon games to sell up to the best selling Pokemon games in two months with install base smaller than the 3DS back then says a lot to the power of the Switch.

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