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19 hours ago, blcdude1 said:

Nadia is one of those I really should get around to watching. It's been on my "to watch" list of ages. 


I've heard good things about the show as a whole, with one fairly notable exception (the island episodes). I really should sit back and watch it. Perhaps for 2021? 

The island arc is really awful but the rest of the show is pretty amazing. glad I finally got around to it this year.

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Started watching Pokémon Sun & Moon on Netflix randomly when i was deciding on what to watch between Netflix and Hulu for the first time since last June


Technically I was originally first watching Journeys and am 5 episodes in, but.. then thought id see what was available for the older series to revisit those to watch first then move my way up to the newer series (which


Unfortunately, between those two, most of the Pokémon series on Netflix/Hulu are... incomplete 


It’s difficult for me to justify watching a series on either when they don’t have all the episodes available- even if i watched what was available, there would be a large chunk remaining...


So then I decided id start with Sun & Moon on Netflix and go from there


Might be an odd choice to start with, but wasn’t really sure what else i wanted to watch right now


Especially with some Anime only having Subs and no dubs available 


So guess I’ll just roll with this for now

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hi i'm here to tell you all that this manga is super gay and adorable and it hurts my heart and you should all read it ty
it's called 付き合ってあげてもいいかな / "How Do We Relationship?"





it deals with an actual adult relationship and how the characters navigate their relationships/queerness/lives in general
very grounded and wholesome





the minor chars are rly good too



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if anybody's interested, i finished a collection i was working on of every single track from Samurai Champloo, which is an absolute mess between 5 official releases, a download of fan ripped unreleased tracks, and other licensed music on all kinds of random albums.
posted about it w a download link here:


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Now that I no longer have Xenosaga to occupy my weekends, it's about time that I made an attempt at clearing out some of my backlog:


*Danmachi s2

*Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere s2 (though it's been almost a decade since I watched s1, so I'd have to re-watch that first)

*Squid Girl s2 (same boat as Horizon)

*Queen's Blade OVAs (though at that point I might as well also marathon s1, 2, and Rebellion)


*High School DXD

*Myriad Colors Phantom World


Which trashy fanservice show should I knock out first? theydonothing;

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anyway, after taking an extended break from manga after getting current with one piece, I decided to start Seraph of the End. It's pretty alright, and about halfway to getting current. After SotE, I'll probably go through Dragon Ball because I mostly want to have read the classic shonen series because, idk, reasons I guess.


On the anime side, I finally suffered through Gundam ZZ and just glad it's behind me. Now I'm watching IDOLish7 because pretty boys do pretty dance moves I guess with LOGH DNT on the side. y;

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52 minutes ago, Stephen 776 said:

Is there any particular reason to watch hunter x hunter anime over reading the manga? I'd at least hope or assume the anime has an ending y;


148 episodes is a huge commitment, so hmmm

Nothing too serious, I like every version of it a lot.


The new anime doesn't have like a definitive ending but it stops at a really good point.


The manga's art degrades to the point of scribbles at some points later on because of Togashi's health issues but the story is still amazing so it's not really a big deal.


If you read it I'd recommend listening to the 1999 anime's OST during. It's really good, sounds like the soundtrack for a PS1 JRPG.

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