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13 minutes ago, Ridley Prime said:

And the anime industry wonders why it has a pirating problem unlike none other.


Simply awful.


Having a free with ads option like CR had would help prevent people from pirating. Especially, since Funi now owns their only competition.


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Are we really in here hand wringing over 6 bucks a month? Y'all wanna go back a few years when streaming anime was split on like 4 different services so there was no way anybody could reasonably keep up with more than a couple things without unofficial sites? Crunchyroll always had a messy site, mediocre rushed subs that never got corrected, and a barely functional player. Not grieving over it in the slightest.

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i don't think its hand wringing to complain about a merger that helps literally no consumers


its an annoying event, AND its annoying to complain about other people finding fault with it imo


'it was worse before!' is not a genuine opposition point and acting like commenting on the monetary value is absurd is in bad taste y;


and complaining about sub quality is not something the average consumer even cares abt but thats just my 2c; ive been using cr for a few years and i watch a decent amount of anime and ive honestly never had any issue with it 


now netflix subs on the other hand...

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8 hours ago, winterberry said:

i don't think its hand wringing to complain about a merger that helps literally no consumers


its an annoying event, AND its annoying to complain about other people finding fault with it imo


yeah sorry there was no reason to come at people so aggressively. i do that without thinking way too much when it comes to opinionated topics

i had lots of troubles with their player freezing and not letting you go back all the way and just like... basic stuff that even no-name youtube alternatives have no problem with

i remember at some point people raised a stink about it and they switched to an html5 player and i stopped using it at that point. but my friend was complaining about it to me when that happened because it made the videos even worse at first? i'd assume it got worked through at this point but given they only fixed the other problems after a lot of public pressure i don't have a lot of faith by default.

regarding the price, it's slightly cheaper than the crunchyroll sub was i'm pretty sure??
that's why i felt like complaints were unreasonable. imagine me just actually just stating that y;

but i guess if they don't have ad-supported free viewing it's not much help for people who can't pay.

piracy is just all around a better user experience unfortunately if you put any time into learning what you're doing and the idea that ad viewing genuinely supports the industry in some way rather than just letting people feeling better about streaming seems dubious to me. even the subscriptions supporting anime studios feels dubious although in this case it's going to the company doing most of the dubbing at least so it clearly supports that.
i honestly just forget that people gun for those free options when i by default see them as just like part of the advertising lol

but yeah licensing is fucking awful and the stupid region shit is everywhere and japan loves to propagate it too

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Oh, I tend to watch anime in dubbed when I can, though if I like a show enough, I'll watch it either/or or in both (I usually steer clear of the sub vs dub wars between fans). To Crunchyroll's credit, they did do a fair amount of dubbing themselves, of anime that had just then come out or slightly older ones, some of which I really enjoyed as a free user. With Funimation though everything comes with a price ("It's just $6" isn't the problem, so is Disney+ but I'm not giving money to every paid streaming service out there), and they've got a monopoly now which I'm never big on. :v

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in this case competition isn't necessarily good for the end user experience here because only 1 streaming service had the rights at a time for each show
it's okay with like 2, but a few years ago there was like crunchyroll, funimation, amazon strike, and netflix (and hulu i guess idr) all vying for anime streaming
and the result was that you pretty much paid for the one that actually had a few anime you wanted and then had to go to torrent sites/kissanime for the others anyway :v

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