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Finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes last night. Such a fantastic, albeit long, ride. Also, I was not ready for episode 82 kcry;


I'll use the rest of my hidive trial to check out The Big O before ending it. Batman x Mecha looks neat enough. I might go back to hidive for the gaiden series/movies, but I'll save them for when I need a LOGH itch scratched again.

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That first Twitter response- bring the memes- is right. Invest in some Ghibli templates, people.


So far, the images skew newer, which is fine. More are coming, and I'm sure the old favorites will crop up soon enough. Given my favorites are the likes of Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, I'm looking forward to seeing what they put up for those. 

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Initial D "First 4 Stages" commentary:


Completed the series and I liked it.  However, I noticed towards the end they kind of extended episode content to make up for lack of ideas, unless they were actually trying to get more racing action in.  I also felt like they built up the Rotary Bros concept between Royuske and Keske that I was shocked Royuske got put into the Yoda role after he talked to Takumi about joining Project D.  I liked how they set up our next challenge is the hardest but its like they always seemed to win on some random event in a race.  I thought they did a decent job in trying to work in female racers and female relationships in that the female racers knew their stuff and could race so they were a challenge and not pushovers.  Some of the relationship stuff was good to have in there but sometimes the handling of it was kind of weird.  I liked the more technical car talk aspect of the series in comparison to other stuff.  A few things I found odd on this though were, and it could be the real world of rights, and street racer talk in Japan but it seemed like they were more focussed on Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.  Hardly ever discussed Acura, barely brought up Subaru until the end, and almost no Lexus, Infinity, Hyundai and probably some other Japanese car brands I can't recall.  I was also surprised that no imports were brought up for the series like a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, ect...  That angle might have been interesting to explore.

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Watching Riding Bean on Saturday, as well as the Appleseed 1988 OVA. 


Riding Bean was supremely stupid, but I enjoyed it as a dumb, turn-your-brain off sort of action flick. Dumb fun. Prefer Gunsmith Cats to it, but hey, I had a good time. 


I've seen the newer Appleseeds, but never the original, so going back to the 1988 OVA was filling that gap. I wonder if it just hasn't aged well? It suffered from generic action syndrome. The localization didn't help: Deunan Knute became Deunan Nat, while Briareos became Buliaros, and it was a strange change. Also, it was a Manga Entertainment dub, so you know what that means! Loads of fucking swearing!

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Well, looks like Sony is all set to buy Crunchyroll... 


I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. I know Sony owns Funimation and I've always felt Funi and CR should merge, especially after they started sharing content with each other. I'm not super into anime (there are a few I really like) and I prefer dubbed over subbed when given the option, but the only reason I use CR is because there's a free option. Now, I'm wondering how long until the free option goes away or CR just gets absorbed into the Funi app...?



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They would lose money from those that already subscribe to Crunchy on the non-Sony game platforms. I don't think that'll happen.


Plus Sony's owned Funimation for the longest time and you still see its app on the other systems. I think Funi and Crunchyroll will just have some merged app, hopefully with it being more of the same as a freemium service.

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1 hour ago, Tyranogre said:

Does this mean that the Crunchyroll streaming app will be removed from the Wii U and XBox and remain exclusive to the PS5?


I only see it being removed from older systems like the Wii U and completely from newer systems only if it gets shut down/merged into the funi app. I doubt they have plans to make CR PS5 exclusive, because if they did they would have made Funimation Now PS exclusive long ago when iy comes to the app on consoles.


Speaking of CR on Wii U, I really hope it doesn't get shut down when CR gets bought by Sony. Even though CR seems to have forgotten the Wii U app, with it having lingering  issues, like the next ep sometimes randomly wanting to start the next ep while in the middle of an episode and sometimes having issues scrubbing, with it not wanting to scrub or show your correct position in an ep after scrubbing, it's still my go to way for watching CR on my TV. Plus for whatever reason the ads no longer work on the Wii U app, so it's like getting ad-free for free. :P  I'm not sure if this is because the Wii U app mostly just had ads for other CR shows.



13 minutes ago, Ridley Prime said:

They would lose money from those that already subscribe to Crunchy on the non-Sony game platforms. I don't think that'll happen.


Plus Sony's owned Funimation for the longest time and you still see its app on the other systems. I think Funi and Crunchyroll will just have some merged app, hopefully with it being more of the same as a freemium service.


That's what I'm hoping. I've always wished Funi had a free option like CR, because there's quite a few anime I'd be more likely to watch if it were dubbed (the ones I know have dubs). Plus, I don't mind having to deal with adds on streaming services, if it keeps things free (EX. Pandora and Crunchyroll).

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18 minutes ago, Ridley Prime said:



Oh. Well at least the Switch is still slowly getting other services.


Nice to see Funi coming to Switch. I remember hearing a while ago that is was supposedly all ready to go for Switch. I wonder if this whole acquisition of CR is the reason they have yet to put CR on Switch? Though, it's still unknown what's going to happen to CR with this acquisition. 

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Seems like CR is just going to be merged in to the Funi app... In this video showing off the redesigned Funi app (launching first on Switch), they mention that will be the ONLY anime streaming app on all major gaming consoles  R.I.P. watching anime for free with ads. :( 


BTW, what do you get (or should I say not get?) with a free account? Can you even use the app without a sub? I know there's some things you can watch for free on their site, but it's very limited. 


It's now available on Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/funimation-switch/


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