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I highly doubt that Interspecies Reviewers would have been generating the same amount of buzz if Funimation was continuing to simulcast and dub it. 


The mere act of stopping brings a lot of attention to the series. There are going to be people who check out the series to see why falls outside Funimation's standards. If something is controversial, people often seek it out to see what the buzz is all about. 

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33 minutes ago, Pichi said:

i just don't think that canceling a show is an attempt to censor it from the internet lol

Pretty much.  Funimation just realized they didn't want that shit associated with their brand, it doesn't matter to them what happens otherwise with the show lol.

i don't watch anime anymore so i just rewatched flcl and evangelion

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10 hours ago, Edie Napier said:

Funimation just realized they didn't want that shit associated with their brand, it doesn't matter to them what happens otherwise with the show lol.

And considering some of the shit Funimation happily associates with their brand, this is saying something. After all, we're talking about the company that localized and dubbed Master of Martial Hearts.

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So everybody was acting exactly as foolish as it seemed. wow y;

Finishing up Yorimoi finally. Disgustingly cute and wholesome. Great to see more anime originals that are high quality.
It borders on melodrama in a couple places, but the characters are actually self-aware for a god damn change (maybe even a bit unrealistically), so it's not much of a problem. Highly recommended.

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I don't know, at the end of the day, people are still out of a job. 


While there is no doubt in my mind that those voice actors will be voice acting again soon enough, just as those translators will be translating and editors editing, this still means a lot of people are going without a paycheck, at least temporarily. Which, regardless of what one thinks of the show, sucks.

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I could attempt to stimulate discussion on another matter, but it wouldn't be about anything current. So far this year, I've watched Di Gi Charat, Yozakura Quartet and Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat. I'm about 13 episodes into Code Geass, which I'm enjoying so far. 


The last anime I watched last year was Madlax. I had seen the other 2/3 of Bee Train's girls-with-guns trilogy, Noir and El Cazador de Le Bruja, about 15 and 10 years ago, respectively. For whatever reason, I had not watched Madlax. I have since remedied that problem, and enjoyed the show, but damn, you know a show is old when the first episode involves a floppy disk.


Noir and Madlax were both localized by ADV. ADV created a parody "Sock Puppet Theater" episode for both shows, which could be accessed as an Easter Egg on their initial DVD releases. It's brilliantly stupid. 


El Cazador, which was localized by Funimation, does not feature any sock puppets, but it has a song about tacos. 

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6 hours ago, Kezay said:

Don't know much about what Interspecies Review is about and from what little I've heard I've got no desire to, but of all things to kickstart discussion in this thread it's a shame that this of all things is what is doing it. -_-

this isn't the hilariously dead seasonal 2017 thread. i just made a new one to revive discussion and it's been doing fine.
it's had regular conversation other than that show so far. there's a prompt in the OP if you'd like to do that.

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