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bebop honestly has a chance to be decent given it has far more western design sensibility than japanese
which is why watanabe's work has always been way more popular outside of japan
it'll probably be okay. although i heard new GitS was garbage even though they had some of the Stand Alone Complex team so who knows
but any excuse for yoko kanno to work on more music like bebop is a good one tbh

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Dragon Maid S2 is more than just the second season of a popular show.


It's also the first show that KyoAni is putting out since the arson attack, almost two years to the date after that horrific tragedy. And that's before you get into the fact that it's also coming out toward the end of a global pandemic.


If there's one thing that both KyoAni and the world need right now, it's a wholesome slice-of-life show about people from vastly different worlds learning how to live together and change each other's lives for the better.

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Transformers Earthrise S3 is up on NF.... started watching it .... ohhh yes....  and from my impression over the first two episodes they might actually make sense of Beast Wars/Machines and where it fits in with G1.  IMO, that was a big stumbling block for me getting into Beast Wars/Machines because of how they tried to get that plot going.

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