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Nintendo 2020 predictions/next decade

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I kind of got inspired for this post listening to these videos:




Only really watch them if you want to, as I wouldn't consider them essential viewing before posting your own thoughts





Several things hit me from their discussion:


Mario Kart X (if you consider Tour IX) vs. Nintendo Kart

--MK has such a strong brand.... but the DLC to 8 and some of the tracks in general to MK8 mean other Nintendo franchises or characters aren't out of bounds for being chosen.  I jsut don't know where that imaginary line will get drawn in the next one.

--I'd be more worried about Tour's influence on the franchise with outfits, skins, and karts...

--Where is the next gimmick coming from?  Bikes from MKWii, Gliders from MK7, and Anti-gravity from 8 have gone over well...

--Is it time for Double Dash to make a comeback to Mk?


Is F Zero Dead?

I think people would like it if they do the following: online multi, an easier difficulty setting, and keep the customization of your character from GX and X with the color changes and what not.  If Nintendo doesn't want to do it, give the IP to someone who can. 


Rare and Nintendo make a Diddy Kong Racing 2

--Maybe the Banjo DLC is the spark to get this going.

--Even if you don't play that angle, the DK games of late on Nintendo platforms should be enough to want to get someone to revisit the franchise.

--I would like them keeping the custom handling aspects from the DS remake of the original.


Where to go with Star Fox

I think there are two ways to bring Star Fox back IMO.

1) A fully online dogfighting, land battling, naval batting set up between Team Fox and Team Wolf.  The cast of characters is there to have a pretty large choice of characters on the good and bad side of things to set up teams.  There is canon in Star Fox to where you don't just have to do space dogfighting, you can do land and sea battles too.  And you can set up the planetary advancement system from the games as a way to unlock all the different arenas for the game.  You could keep the arcade mode single player mode for earning unlockable gear, vehicles, characters ect....


2) I am NOT opposed to revisiting a Star Fox Adventures style game.


Where to go with the "Excite" series

1) the eShop seems to me to be a perfect place to bring back Excitebike World Tour from the WiiWare era.  Allows it to stay bikes and feel like a new Excitebike game.


2) I think a retail release would be a good way to revisit ExciteTruck/Bots.  The terrain transformation ideas, the multiple colors and paint styles for vehicles, multiple styles of vehicles, and the idea of doing tricks/stunts for points to earn higher rankings seems like a good mechanic to get back into.


Legend of Zelda, where to go post BotW

--I think its time to get Link past the land of Hyrule --is Hyrule a lone "world" or is it a continent on a much bigger world to where Link just hasn't gone out and sought (or other Hurulian explorers for that matter).

--Playable Zelda needs to happen

--I liked their idea of playable Sheik/Impa

--I would LOVE to get a remake of A Link to the Past in a Link's Awakening style graphically.  I also think there is a good way to do a remastering/remaking of Legend of Zelda and Zelda II The Adventure of Link.

--Is it time to get a remastered bundle of the Oracle games and Minish Cap.  Maybe in some of portable Zelda collection.


Luigis Mansion 4 ideas

-I get their point with how 1-3 are kind of the same and its time to expand it....

--My expansion ideas would be hunting the world for ghosts.....  not just Mansions/Hotels....but haunted castles, haunted  houses, maybe haunted woods ect..... like a world tour of ghost busting....  combining the travel element of Super Mario Odyssey with the need to bust ghosts.


Splatoon 3

I've only played these casually as far as 1 and 2 go.

I can only back their idea about going to all new territories in the world established in the game.


Punch Out / ARMS

I think one, the other, or possibly both get their own sequels but I also wonder if somehow if its best to tie these two together for a game based on the arcade style fighting mechanics.  I know they are fundamentally different in terms of game play style but they both are kind of motion controlled arcade boxers as well.  And maybe that free flowing arena/ring is what needs to happen to Punch Out to further the series.



I find 3D World to be fundamentally different from Galaxy from 2D Mario from Odyssey style Mario.


My goal would be:


Super Mario Galaxy 3: take the planetary gravity concepts further but kind of go back to the world hub set up of 1.  I don't see the concept cannibalizing an Odyssey 2.


3D World 2:  Just come up with something as good as the Cat power up and I think you can be on your way.  Work on camera adjusting though, as sometimes the perspectives were hard to work with.


2D Mario needs to abandon the NSMB aesthetic.  I'd like to see inspiration from say the SMB styled levels out of Odyssey OR that crayon style stuff out of the level from NSMBU ... or just go with some all new style.  I think there is merit to working back in the Gold Coin Flower concept from NSMB2 and expanding it.


Obviously I think Dr. Mario for Switch is needed.

--4p Local + Online +  Battle Royale?

--Work with the mobile game concept of different doctors with different "powers"

--Dr. Luigi concept was good, apply that to all the other modes of said game.

--Work with the mobile game's more puzzle solving mechanic versus core killing viruses dumping trash to opponents or just cleaning out viruses





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Posted (edited)

Metroid Prime 4 will be the last new Metroid game of this decade. It won't fail in terms of reception, but in terms of sales. It will not be the best selling Metroid game. 


Pokemon, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem aren't enough on the RPG front, so I can see Nintendo at some point using the fantastic Mario universe to make another solid series of Mario RPGs. None of the modern RPGs I've played from Nintendo recently fill the void left by the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series becoming more lackluster. I'm ready for something insane and wacky again from Mario that's really expressive, creative and expansive for that universe. 


Depending on when Breath of the Wild 2 releases, both 2020 and 2021 could have near the same excitement around Nintendo as 2017. Before the end of the 2021 calendar year, Breath of the Wild 2, Super Mario Odyssey 2/next 3D Mario and Metroid Prime 4 will have all released. The Nintendo E3 Directs for 2020 and 2021 will be remembered as two of their best presentations.


The next generation for Nintendo after the Switch will not start until 2023. 2022 will see more games from Nintendo that are more experimental in nature and/or be centered around newer IPs. The year will feel like a slow death for the Switch generation following the incredible 2021 line-up. 


ARMS 2 will happen before Splatoon 3 and is a release planned for the summer of this year. What else is in the summer of 2020? Pikmin 4. ARMS 2 and Pikmin 4 will release in June and July respectively. Splatoon 3 will not come out on the Switch, but will be one of the launch games for the next Nintendo generation.


Mario Kart will be on a hiatus on a Nintendo platform until 2024 due to internal uncertainty on which direction to take the next entry in the franchise. The next Mario Kart entry will still be labeled as a Mario Kart game, but will feature guest characters from other Nintendo IPs within the base roster. The next Mario Kart will bring back Mission Mode and include bosses from other Nintendo IPs. 

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We need an original Paper Mario in the worst way for the franchise.

We need a real sequel to Super Mario RPG.


@ generation change


Hmmm, I get your point(s) but I think the Switch as a concept will be what Nintendo stays with with basically upgrading JC and core console in terms of specs for processing, specs for portable screen, and possibly some JC upgrades.  SwitchPro or Switch2 or SuperSwitch......  I think youre timetable seems about right if Nintendo wants to keep those 3rd party ports coming.


@ ARMS and Spatoon


Agreed on timetable.   I think ARMS needs more fighters and more arenas.  I just wonder if the SwitchLite now in the lineup changes this game's core concepts.


@ Pikmin 4


Is it actually real or was that DS game last year actually #4



@ MK8

I think they need an announcement of the next MK entry in 2020, no later than 2021 though.  Its long past been due for a new entry considering MK8 debuted in what ...2014?  I do think your angle on Nintendo Kart line up versus Mario Kart line up is real though..... and is the next console Mario Kart a ULTIMATE version like Smash Ultimate where you get all tracks, all racers, all battle arenas, all.....  I think some aspects of MKDD could make this a issue though....



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NOT trying to spam GX videos but yeah, they have the best pot stirring stuff up right now....




How could I have left off the Zelda MOBILE GAME.


I am on board with their F Zero "99" concept!


I kind of left out my thoughts of a Zelda HD upgrade game.  I think Zelda III in Link's Awakening HD style is next year.  IMO, Skyward Sword is the next game up for a remake but if the port rumors are true then yeah....  TPHD and WWHD would be game but I would have to see something convincing to buy them versus my WiiU versions.  I think SS will need both standard and motion control works and I think if they do it, a new JC bundle comes.

--I'd still think I'd be more game for the 2D Upgrades.


***THEN AGAIN, the 35th Anniversary is next year for Zelda so maybe the 2D collections come next year. ****


I think N64 games could hit NSO but the rollout of of NES and SNES have been at a standstill so I'm not getting to worked up.

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