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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Art_de_Cat said:

I dont see your name to mail it to you.  I can arrange to open island later.

Sorry about that, will be adding that in tonight. 


Sure. That's fine.


Just updated my post with my Switch FC and my in game name. 

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Posted (edited)

Got one prediction saying 95% high spike tomorrow morning though it depends on my PM price today.


Possible high up to 630 tomorrow morning, really wish it was afternoon though.

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12 minutes ago, Dancing Mog said:

Darn, high is only 395. I'll open gates if anyone wishes to sell but only around 2 hours left so let me know quickly.

Let me check prices and I can be over.

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I am expecting a spike this afternoon, no idea if it will be a large or small but I know it's coming since I had back to back rises in price after nothing but drops the last few days.

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Just a heads up I gotta close gates here in just a few minutes, will open the gates later in the afternoon when I get back from running my errand.

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