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Video Games Finished in 2020


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- CrossCode (Switch)

Although I loved a lot of individual concepts within this game I feel like the overall package could use some polishing to make the whole game flow better. Still a fun (and long) RPG though.
- Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (Switch)
I enjoyed getting the chance to play the original FE in all its 8-bit glory, but I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear that it was an ordeal at times. Even just not having a battle preview made strategizing rather annoying. Thank goodness for the rewind/bookmark feature though, not sure I'd have had the fortitude to play the whole game without those.
- Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Switch)
It's a rather shameless imitation of Breath of the Wild, sure, but it's still a fun game in its own right. Really my biggest issues with the game are the technical issues and lack of creativity in the story and visual departments, not how similar it is to BotW.
- Pumpkin Jack (Switch)
Solid action/platformer that really gives me early 2000s platformer vibes, in a good way. It's not a collect-a-thon though, just a fairly short, linear game, but still fun.
- Kentucky Route Zero (Switch)
Probably not a game for everyone—at least not for people that don't normally go in for story-driven games—but it's a pretty excellent experience and worth taking the time to explore.

Console: 120

Overall: 120

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This'll be my last update of the year I think:


- Indivisible (Switch)
The gameplay could get rather tedious at times but I was always on board for the gorgeous artwork and animation, and the fun cast of characters.
- Spiritfarer (Switch)
Really beautiful game, for its visuals and soundtrack and also its heartfelt writing. I really enjoyed the gameplay as well—only issue is that the game crashed on me pretty frequently.

Console: 122

Overall: 122

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So as usual, I threatened to participate in this thread but then never did.   


But since it is the last day of the calendar year, I wanted to at least share with you all the I finally beat Super Mario Bros.  The Lost Levels.    


Didn't bother with any pics or anything .  But I've wanted to beat this game for quite some time now,  and kept putting  it off and putting  it off.   I even did it without warps.   And on the Famicom version that I downloaded on VC (when that was a thing.)    It wasn't the slightly nerfed All Stars version.   


It's a rough game, for sure.  But like any Mario, the key to success is knowing all the ways to get 1-ups.   In this game I found out  you can hit the flagpole with a coin amount that is either 00 or a multiple of 11 (11, 22, 33, etc) and having the right-most digit on your timer matching that same number of your coins.  You can do this on every stage except the castle ones and get an extra life every time you do. 


I understand that people's feeling/opinions ON  the game are mixed.  I actually really dug it.  Sure, its not designed quite as fluidly or memorably as the original,  but it was kinda meant for folks who had already mastered SMB 1.   And its' arguably not as fun as the SMB 2 us old folks grew up with here.   I'm just glad that we at least got a chance  to play it eventually.    North America DID get the right game at the right time, however with the re-worked Doki Doki Panic that became our SMB 2.


What I appreciated most about the experience it felt like a second chance to relive the challenge of trying to beat the original game as a kid  so long ago (and how motherfucking determined I was to do so.)   Not sure most people even  view SMB 1 as very difficult nowadays,  but it was when we were seven years old. 


Currently still working on Breath of the Wild piecemeal.  Haven't finished it but am roughly halfway through the main storyline. 




Happy New Year's all!     Think I'm seeing a Twilight Zone marathon a few hours into my future. 







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Counting the Lost Levels and the 34 games dropped by ArmoredFrog, we beat a combined 420 games in 2020! Please, insert your own joke here! 


With that said, that number is in flux. @Tyranogre: if the disc is broken and you can't replay/beat the final boss, I have no issue adding that to your 2020 total. If the disc is still usable and you can finish the final boss now, I'm fine counting that as a 2021 beat. In addition, if there are any late additions to your 2020 totals, let me know and I'll update the first post accordingly. 


Which actually does bring us to 2021: we can continue cataloging our games beaten in a new thread for 2021. I think we kept it fairly laid back and casual for 2020, and I'm willing to do the same for 2021, unless someone has a burning desire to take over. 

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Nah, there’s no need to do that.


I already ordered another copy of the game, so once it arrives, I should be able to watch the cutscene, fight the boss, and mark it down as a 2021 completion.


Of course, if the second copy also freezes, then I’m going to assume that it’s a problem with my PS2 itself.

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On 1/2/2020 at 2:44 PM, purple_beard said:

As always, I beat what I beat, when I beat it.


To start the year off I have these in progress


Octopath Traveller

Monster Boy Cursed Kingdom

Trials of Mana 3D




3/13 Luigi's Mansion 3 / Switch


4/7 Trials of Mana 3D*DEMO* / Switch


6/16  Trials of Mana (SNES/CoM) / Switch






3 games seems kind of low for me.  Ohh well.

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