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Upcoming Switch maintenance lists "distribution of update data" on Jan. 6th

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So, what does "distribution of update data" actually mean? Does this mean, we're getting a new a new major system update for Switch on the 6th? Is this an update for a specific game? Does this also mean a Nintendo Direct is on the way... Possibly before or on the 6th?


I find it odd that Nintendo would list an upcoming system update in their upcoming Nintendo Network maintenance scheduled, as they haven't done this in the past. Speaking of system updates for the Switch, I'd love to see folders, themes, and a web browser added. Seriously, just give us folders already! The 3DS and Wii U have folders, why does the Switch still not have them?  Anyway, if this is an upcoming update for a specific game, they would have mentioned said game. 


What is this?! 


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I've been thinking with the suppose direct maybe happening next week, in regards to last DLC fighter in Ultimate. The reveal has to be like all the other before presentation by Sakurai to release the same day. I don't see this direct like the one last September where it was followed up by presentation for Banjo-Kazooie. Hero and Banjo were revealed at E3 last year so we knew of them before the Sakurai presentation.


We are gonna get the reveal of of the last DLC charcter in the next direct. I would say they would save it for last but with Nintendo and the few games that we know as of now to release this year, another game may take that last spot, like Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, last year September. But for sure we are get the reveal this direct this month and sometime next month the presentation by Sakurai along with the release of that character.


Also, very slim in this month direct but more likely in Sakurai's presentation, we will find out if there's only one more DLC fighter after the 5th one or another pass or like a couple more. I can't see them forgetting to tell us what more we have to look forward and would this character(s) come with stages and music as well.

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